Na Vivaldiho!

09/06/19, 19:00

The violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený returns to the concert stages after his demanding operation and to his greatest musical love, Antonio Vivaldi!

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in D con Violino Solo obligato, op. 3 no. 9
Allegro / Larghetto / Allegro
Antonio Vivaldi: Concert A minor Op. 3, Nr. 8 for two violin and chamber orchestra
Antonio Vivaldi: Concert F major for flute, strings and continuo 
Allegro / Largo / Vivace
Antonio Vivaldi: Four seasons
Jaro Allegro / Largo / Allegro
Léto Allegro non troppo - Allegro / Adagio - Allegro - Adagio / Presto: Tempo impetuoso
Podzim Allegro / Adagio molto / Allegro
Zima Allegro non molto / Largo / Allegro