First Circle (DE)

15/05/19, 20:00

„First Circle“ , consisting of Victor Fox, Roger Kintopf and Felix Ambach, plays together as a collective band since 2014.
Already at a young age, the musicians got to know each other and quickly discovered the accordance of their musical influences and their idea of making music. Inspiring each other,
they have always been looking for something new - Something unknown - .
It was evident, that the three musicians neither want to play in an already familiar formation, nor conventional modern jazz.

In this instrumentation without a harmony instrument, they foreground improvisation and interaction of their music and thus try to follow previously unexplored paths.
In their program, consisting of their own compositions, as well as free improvisations, they deepen the possibilities of interaction as much as possible while their characteristic band
sound comes to fruition. In 2015 they’ve been awarded for their outstanding compositions by the „Union of German

After their debut album „conversations with the unknown“, First Circle presents their new album „GLÄÜÖ“, which was recorded at the Kammermusiksaal Deutschlandfunk Cologne,
and which has been released at UNIT Record in June 2017.