09/10/19, 20:30

Sisa Fehér and Vladko Mikláš is a composers duo producing original music with a unique modern sound based on their jazz background combined with a slovak musical flavour, which is as well reflected in poetic lyrics communicating through nature‘s symbolism.
Both the album BARDO and the live performance transfer the listener into the autonomous magical world of beautiful minimalistic & sophisticated sonic soundscapes through the sounds of guitar, bass and Sisa's multi-layered vocals.
Bardo itself has a fictive hidden flavour of slovak folklore music though all the compositions and lyrics are completely original, speaking their own language. In comparison with the recording, where only produced beats appear occasionally, the drummer Petr Nohavica is joining the band for their live shows.
Sisa Fehér – vocal, bass
Vladko Mikláš – guitar, backing vocals
Petr Nohavica – drums

The album ‘Bardo’ by Sisa Feher and Vladko Miklas is an extraordinary piece of work. Although I do not understand the language, the emotion of the vocal delivery and the wonderful new-jazz-esque arrangements draw me into another world when I
hear this recording. Sisa deserves world-wide attention for this and the production is something that artists working in indie, jazz and fusion music across the world will aspire to. Unmissable !
- Stephen Budd

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