German Baroque music and poetry

04/10/22, 19:30

The Musica Poetica ensemble will perform as part of its project Baroque Contrasts of German Baroque Music - the works of F. Händel, J. J. Quantz, G. Ph. Telemann et al. on copies of period instruments. The rhythm of this music will be underlined by a performance of German baroque poetry (Ch. Hoffmann, P. Fleming, A. Gryphius) performed by Igor Dostálek.

As part of the Baroque Contrasts project, the ensemble is preparing a Spanish-inspired concert with Sephardic songs in Brno at the end of November, when guitarist and lutenist Tomáš Najbrt will perform as host. We cordially invite you!

Jana Janků – mezzo-soprano, Lucie Lukášová – traverso, Kateřina Stávková – viola da gamba, Kamila Dubská – harpsichord, Martin Flašar – violin, Igor Dostálek – recital