Castle inside

02/03/22, 19:00

"Castle in the interior" is inspired by the work of the same name by the Spanish nun Terezia of Ávila (1515-1582). In it, this extraordinary woman and reformer of the Carmelite order thinks of the human soul as a castle with seven chambers, which one must go through if one wants to meet God and oneself. It is remarkable that even five hundred years did not detract from this spiritual work. Europe was intoxicated then. At the time of Theresa's wealth resulting from overseas discoveries and incipient capitalism, today scientific progress and human rights. Back on the brink of the Thirty Years' War, today on fears of global conflict and environmental catastrophe. Terezi's "Castle inside" is our inspiration. An inspiration in the search for the "Lusthauz of the Heart", as our Jan Amos Komenský wrote about him less than fifty years after her death.

Screenplay and direction: Dodo Gombár
Author of lyrics: Emanuel Míšek
Music and music production: Josef Fojta
Singing production: Dada Klementová
Choreography: Linda Fernandez Saez
Dramaturgy: Michal Zetel
Production: Anna Kočová (AV)
Scenography and costumes: Eliška Drastíková
Sound: Jan Smutný
Photo documentation: Terezie Fojtová

Cast: Petra Benediktyová, Eliška Horňáková, Míma Krajčová, Lucia Mária Lukačková, Marek Viteker, Alexandra Vostrejžová