Amadeus MozArt

29/05/19, 19:00

Dancing Amadeus.

Choreography: Carolina Isach Cogollos, Dan Datcu, Uladzimir Ivanou

Music: W. A. ​​Mozart

From a dance point of view, Reduta Theater is not suitable for classical ballet, but great for experimental projects and contemporary choreographic work, it is a place of great possibilities. That was proved by the  premiere of Contrasts.  The new premiere will be an evening of contemporary choreography and a challenge for young creators. And because Reduta is inseparably linked to W. A. Mozart, it will be the main theme of the premiere project Amadeus MozArt. In it, you will be able to spend two hours with this musical genius and dancer on the stage, the foyer and the Mozart hall.

We will see how individual choreographers feel "their" Mozart. We will serve Mozart three times in three different ways - "a la" Isach, Datcu or Ivanou. Come and taste!