09/10/19, 18:00

Author: Charles Gounod 
Musical Preparation: Marko Ivanović 
Conductor: Marko Ivanović, Pavel Šnajdr 
Director: Jiří Heřman 
Set Design: Pavel Svoboda 
Costume Design: Lenka Polášková 
Lighting Design: Daniel Tesař 
Choreography: Jan Kodet 
Chorus Master: Josef Pančík 
Dramaturgy: Patricie Částková 
Assistant Stage Director: Otakar Blaha 
Libretto: Jules Barbier, Michel Carré 

Sung in French with Czech and English subtitles.


Relationships and God exist for those who believe!

Faust's life is near its end and the scientist is pursued by a feeling that he wasted his life. The mysterious Méphistophélès promises to return his youth to him and fulfil every wish for a "small" price - Faust's soul... 
The most famous opera of the French composer Charles Gounod took the subject matter from the no less famous two-part play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, based on a German legend about a man who exchanged his soul with the devil for knowledge and power.  The librettists, Barbier and Carré, did not use Goethe’s entire piece but chose the part about Faust's encounter with the innocent girl Marguerite and the tragic consequences of their romantic outburst.  Marguerite becomes the main hero who, contrary to Faust, finds salvation and escapes the devil's power.  Faust was Gounod's first big success  and it won him international acclaim.  It is no wonder, as the composer knew well how to create an impressive theatre on stage, and every aria was a 19th century opera hit -  Marguerite's song about the King of Thule, the Jewel aria, Mephistopheles' aria "The calf of gold", Valentin's farewell to Marguerite, as well as big choruses. 

Faust: Luciano Mastro j. h., Magnus Vigilius j. h. 
Mefistofeles: David NyklJan Šťáva 
Markéta: Jana Šrejma Kačírková, Kateřina Kněžíková j. h. 
Valentin: Jiří Brückler j. h. 
Siebel: Václava Krejčí Housková, Jana Hrochová 
Wagner: Igor Loškár, Jiří Miroslav Procházka j. h. 
Marta: Veronika Hajnová FialováJitka Zerhauová