Don Carlos

12/01/20, 17:00

Staged in the original Italian with Czech and English surtitles

Premiere 2nd February 2019 in the Janáček Theatre

It is more important how a person accepts their fate than what that fate is.
Political intrigue, religion and forbidden love – that would be a way of briefly summarising one of the supreme works of the Italian master Giuseppe Verdi - Don Carlos. This work, inspired by a play by the German poet Friedrich Schiller was for Verdi the culmination of the artistic stages leading to the completion of a drama of the highest theatrical quality. Although loosely inspired by historical events like all Verdi's greatest works history is only a framework in the background and in the first place are a timeless story, the psychological sophistication of characters and masterful music capturing their deepest emotional states, whether it is the deeply moving confession of King Philip "Ella giammai m'amò" or the scream of the Princess Eboli "O don fatale" or Elizabeth’s famous aria "Tu che le vanita". This chamber drama of several characters who find themselves in the midst of a game controlled by a higher power, is framed by magnificent choral entrances such as the auto-da-fé scene, which from Verdi's creations is among the most impressive.


Author: Giuseppe Verdi 
Libretto: Joseph Méry, Camille du Locle 
Musical Preparation: Jaroslav Kyzlink 
Conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink, Ondrej Olos 
Director: Martin Glaser 
Set Design: Pavel Borák 
Costume Design: Markéta Sládečková 
Lighting Design: Martin Špetlík 
Chorus Master: Pavel Koňárek 
Assistant Stage Director: Vojtěch Orenič 
Dramaturgy: Patricie Částková