Petite Mort

10/01/20, 19:00

Petite Mort

A work by the world-renowned choreographer, Jiří Kylián, will be in the repertoire of the Ballet for the first time.

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Herbie Flowers, Barry Morgan, Masakazu Ito, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Choreography: Mário Radačovský, Lukáš Timulák, Jiří Kylián 
Director: Mário Radačovský, Lukáš Timulák 
Set Design: Peter Biľak, Jiří Kylián 
Costume Design: Patricia Barker, Linda Tublerová, Joke Visser 
Lighting Design: Tom Visser, Kees Tjebbes 
Staging: Mário Radačovský, Lukáš Timulák, Elke Schepers 
Assistant Choreographers: Ivan PříkaskýJana RuggieriJana Přibylová,Mário Radačovský 

Beethoven, Together, Masculine / Feminine, Petite Mort

We join the fifty leading ballet companies in the world which have works by both George Balanchine and Jiří Kylián in their repertoires. For the first time a work by the choreographic master, Kylián, will be staged in Brno and introduced into the Company’s repertoire. 

The evening opens a pair of ballet choreographies by artistic director of Ballet NdB Mário Radačovský. In the spring of 2015, he made the premiere in Grand Rapids Ballet of the original ballet Beethoven, part of which is an impressive introduction of this evening. Humorous miniature for the music of 5th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven is a dancing orchestra without a conductor. The second choreography by Mário Radačovský Together on the music by Franz Schubert's famous opus Death and the Maiden. It is a microstory of victories and defeats, searching and finding, shared experiences and perceptions. Whether we like it or not, we are connected with other people.

Lukáš Timulák is the young Slovak choreographer, who was dancing in Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and Nederlands Dans Theater. He started his career like a choreographer when he arrived to NDT. He has worked also for the companies in Switzerland, Sweden or Slovakia. In his work Masculine / Feminine humorously explores some of the greatest mysteries of our day to day lives. As the title suggests, the differences between men and women are the inescapable result of our biology.

The most acclaimed dance choreographer today, Jiří Kylián, is the creator of the outstanding work, Petite Mort. He made this choreography for the festival in Salzburg to the 200. anniversary of Mozart´s death. He has chosen for it two slow parts of the most famous and most beautiful Mozart´s piano concerts. The choreography includes six men, six women, and six foils. The foils have the function to be actual dance partners, and at times seem more unruly and obstinate than a partner of flesh and blood. They visualize a symbolism which is more present than a story  line. Aggression, sexuality, energy, silence, cultivated senselessness, and vulnerability - they all play a significant part. Petite mort, literally meaning 'small death', serves as a paraphrase for orgasm in French and Arabic.

For the two other choreographers whose works are featured in this evening, Jiří Kylián is their greatest role model and is the connecting element between them, as they both danced under Kylián’s leadership in the Nederlands Dans Theater.