Kostelní písně ze Znorov / Janáček Brno

07/10/20, 19:00

An integral part of Janáček's interest was the support and collection of songs that I call sacred, popular or folk spiritual today. Janáček chose as a collaborator in folk song research Hynek Bím, who was commissioned to map West Moravia. During his repeated collections in the village of Vnorovy (then Znorovy), Bím captured a collection of old hymns, which - although only a small part of the total number of songs recorded by him - paid considerable attention (as evidenced by sixteen letters of correspondence with L. Janáček, in which this topic is addressed). After all, it was Vnorovy where Janáček, after the untimely death of his father in 1866, found refuge with his uncle Jan Janáček (in 1870–1878 a pastor working here). At the time when Leoš Janáček himself played the organ choir in Vnorovy, he probably met the local spiritual songs personally.