Recitál bratrů Hozových

15/08/20, 16:00

The recital takes place in cooperation with the Brno Music Marathon Festival

15. 8. 2020 at 4 pm in the foyer of the Janáček Theater In cooperation with the Brno Music Marathon Festival.

Summer will bring not only opera performances, but also a concert that will allow the audience to get to know our singers from a slightly different angle. Finally, it is said that the interpretation of song literature is one of the most difficult. Two talented baritone players, the brothers Roman and Tadeáš Hoz, will show you that they hide a lot of beauty in songs by English, German and French authors of the early 20th century.


M. Ravel: Don Quixote in Dulcinée
E. W. Korngold: Five Songs
C. Debussy: Starry night
R. Vaughan Williams: Songs of travel

piano: Kostiantyn Tyshko