Edith, the Little Sparrow..

12/09/20, 19:00

A dance musical about the famous singer, Edith Piaf.

Libretto: Libor Vaculík 
Author: Libor Vaculík, Petr Malásek 
Lyrics: Václav Kopta 
Director: Libor Vaculík 
Choreography: Libor Vaculík 

A dance musical about the famous singer, Edith Piaf.

In combining dance, song and speech to create a ‘dance musical’ and with its ability to communicate with the audience, gaining many supporters not only in the field of dance, the first staging of Edith, the Little Sparrow from the Suburbs in the J.K. Tyl Theatre in Plzeň, won the Audience Award in 2000 for the best performance of the season.

The production attempts to bring the audience closer to the phenomenon that is Piaf and outlines the life of the famous French singer in several episodes – her life on the streets of Paris, her first professional success, her first love but also her lost love, the downfalls in her life leading her to breaking point, her addictions to alcohol and drugs and her comeback...

The great success of this show is not only attributable to Libor Vaculík’s choreography and stage direction but is also owing to the brilliant performance of Radka Fišarová who is well-known for her appearances in the Prague musical productions Evita and Cleopatra, as well as starring in the musical Zorba the Greek in Brno. She is also renowned for her renditions in the French original of both known and lesser well-known songs from the repertoire of Edith Piaf.