Papageno Plays the Magic Flute

17/12/21, 10:00

What happened to Papagena?

Eberhard Streul (1941)

Musical Preparation: Ondrej Olos 
Director: Tomáš Pilař 
Set Design: Lucie Halgašová 
Costume Design: Lucie Halgašová 
Dramaturgy: Patricie Částková 

A thrilling entry into the world of opera for children as well as adults. Special admission rates for parents with children! A spectacular fairy tale filled with magic, feathers and the adventures of a queen whose only daughter has been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Prince Tamino sets out on an adventure through a magic forest, along with Papageno the birdman and the children who must undergo a series of trials with their fairy-tale friends... An adaptation of Mozart’s operaThe Magic Flute transformed into a spectacular musical fairy tale.