Shen Yun

14/05/22, 19:00

Experience the beauty of ancient China before communism

Come see what the Chinese Communist Party doesn't want you to see. Every year since its inception, Shen Yun has resisted the Chinese Communist Party's attempts to thwart these performances…

For millennia, the Chinese dynasties have been home to a deep and rich culture. However, all this changed in 1949, when the Communist Party of China seized power. The communist regime saw China's spiritual and artistic heritage as a threat to its atheistic and materialist ideology, and therefore did not hesitate to use any means to destroy traditional Chinese culture and anyone who stood up for it.

Then Shen Yun was created to restore this 5,000-year-old culture.

Every year since Shen Yun was founded, Beijing has been trying to harm the ensemble by threatening and intimidating theaters, putting pressure on the local government, and spreading false information about Shen Yun in the mainstream media or online.

Come find out why the Chinese communist regime is so afraid of Shen Yun and the renewal of traditional Chinese culture. It's time to look at what the CCP doesn't want you to see.