Balet NdB 2: Uroboros / Na krásném modrém… / Vodník

25/01/23, 19:00


Historically the first performance of the junior ensemble Ballet NdB 2 – a unique project that was created at the beginning of the 2022/2023 season on the grounds of the Ballet of the National Theater Brno. Under the direction of ballet master Markéta Pimek Habalová and long-time demi-soloist Uladzimir Ivanou, they will present themselves for the first time in three unique choreographies.

Uroboros will be introduced at the beginning of the premiere program. The name of the ancient symbol, which represents the cyclic nature of things, time and the endless continuous flow of life, which includes the eternal struggle of good and evil, became the subject of Uladzimit Ivanou's choreography. Her dynamic performance will be accompanied by an unusual fusion of electronic music and Far Eastern music performed by Chronomad and Murcof. Markéta Pimek Habalová, the ballet master of our main ensemble, has entered a new creative stage after the recent success with the production of Cinderella. For the choreography of Vodník, she was inspired by the tragic story of the ballad of the same name from the iconic poetry collection of the writer Karel Jaromír Erben Kytice, which was set to music in 1896 by the world's most performed Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. On the occasion of the first performance of Ballet NdB 2, the pair of choreographers was joined by the artistic director of Ballet NdB Mário Radačovský. In the choreography On the beautiful blue... accompanied by the music of Johann Strauss the Younger, they will present the qualities of this promising young ensemble, where movement and speed are the main attributes.