Stabat Mater

13/01/23, 19:00

A ballet evening conceived as a tribute to the unforgettable Czech choreographic legend Pavlo Šmok. Three masterpieces of the Master's work. Immortal themes that fill human life, such as love, joy and pain, are expressed in Šmok's unmistakable handwriting, accompanied by the soulful music of Arnold Schönberg, Bedřich Smetana and Antonín Dvořák, leaving a long-lasting visual and emotional experience in the viewer.

The composite evening recalls exceptional works from the Master's rich choreographic work. Arnold Schönberg's Enlightened Night is a program composition based on a poem by Richard Dehmel. Smok sets this micro-drama of a pregnant woman and her new partner in and just after World War II, when a Jewish girl returning from a concentration camp finds a new love, but must come to terms with the girl's past. The second part of the evening, Trio in G minor, is a work by Bedřich Smetana, in which the composer comes to terms with the death of his daughter Bedřiška. In it, Pavel Šmok masterfully follows the musical form of the Trio with his famous musicality, but also urgently expresses the thought and emotional content of the piece. The highlight of the evening, the Stabat Mater, set to the music of the first part of Antonín Dvořák's famous oratorio of the same name, is also one of the highlights of the Master's choreographic work.