Eva Turnová & Tomáš Hradil

15/06/22, 20:00

The literary-musical evening consists of readings from Turn's Groves, written by musician, writer and translator Eva Turnová, who worked as a bass player in the bands The Plastic People of the Universe, DG 307 and Madness.
For the past nine years, he has been contributing columns to Instinkt, Reflex and Reporter magazines under the title "Turn Grove."
These bitter-humorous glosses are published under the same title as a book and are also broadcast once a week in the program Opinions and Arguments on the Czech Radio Plus frequency.
In addition to the columns, the evening will feature compositions by Eva Turnová and also by Tomáš Hradil, a musician and producer who lived and worked in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Ireland.
The frontman of Holešovice's Chorchester currently works in the bands Los Perdidos and Freedom and participates in the project of I. M. Jirous' poetry set to music "I Lice".