Pro Tebe + RCV 8

04/03/22, 20:00

A concert by two seemingly disparate bands.
For you
The Brno pop-rock band Pro Tebe, which succeeded among more than 800 performers in the spring of 2019 and as winners of the Rec.stage Clean Festivals competition, started their show at 3 top festivals in our country: Rock for People, Colors of Ostrava and Sázavafest.
Since the beginning of 2020, they have released a total of 7 singles, some of which you can hear on several radio stations.
Home band in the home environment. A traditional mix of blues, rock, rock and roll, funky, a group of seasoned musicians has prepared for you a special performance by J. Hendrix, Cream, G. Moore, Led Zeppelin, J. Schelinger and many others.