Děvčice + Petr Malý with band

26/03/22, 19:30

Unusual and interesting connection. This is the folk ensemble Děvčice and a solo project by Petr Malý with a band.
Děvčice is a girls' folk band operating under the village of Podolí near Uherské Hradiště. Thanks to the instruments they have in the band, their music is energetic, rhythmic and most importantly positive. They are mainly devoted to authorial work, but a large part of the repertoire consists of folk songs from Moravia, which set them to folk form. It is not for nothing that it is said that Děvčice is Čechomor in a female performance.
Petr Malý also experienced quite a bit in music, such as the position of frontman in the band Motorband, where Kamil Střihavka previously worked. He has recorded countless singles, now he has his backing band together and he will come to play both his own and well-known songs.