Etno Brno I Avlija

26/01/22, 20:00

Avlija (CZ / Serbia), Balkan music
The Balkan music group Avlija has an international cast and focuses mainly on songs and dances from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. She tries to play all the songs as they sound in the original, in order to offer the listeners the real from the Balkans. The name Avlija means "court" in all Balkan languages - a place where people gathered, danced together and sang. That's why at their concerts, the audience often sings and dances with them.
Josef Keller - accordion, guitar
Nikola Djokić (Serbia) - frula (Serbian wind instrument)
Dušan Medla - darbuka
Ladislava Bačíková - singing
Simona Kellerová - singing