Loes & The Acoustic Engineers + Svatá Voda

25/03/22, 20:00

The bands Loes & The Acoustic Engineers (folk 'n all) and Svatá Voda (rock' n roll) are preparing for 2 joint concerts: 25.3. in the Brno Old Bakery and 13.5. in the Prague club Kaštan!
The trio of musicians Loes & The Acoustic Engineers (CZ / NL) brings the original repertoire and an impressive collection of acoustic instruments to the stage. Their own "indie chamber folk pop" mixes narrative lyrics with bluegrass virtuosity, jam band groove and celtic feelings. The group is the winner of Ports 2021.
Svatá Voda is a classic rock & roll band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This PowerDuo consists of singer and guitarist Chris Schut and David Mac Gillavry, who plays bass and also sings. Their wide repertoire includes classic rock & roll, as you know it from Elvis or Johny Cash.