Czech Ensemble Baroque: Support the recording of the most famous work of the Czech native F. X. Richter

23 April 2019, 1:00
Czech Ensemble Baroque: Support the recording of the most famous work of the  Czech native F. X. Richter

Czech Ensemble Baroque, under the baton of Roman Válek, is about to be the first in the world to record Super Flumina Babylonis – the most famous work of the Czech native F. X. Richter. A collection on the Hithit crowdfunding platform is currently running to support the release of this album. You can contribute until 16 May 2019.

Super Flumina Babylonis will be already the fourth CD that contains work of the rediscovered Baroque master F. X. Richter, who held a prestigious music position in the Strasbourg Cathedral. The previous three CDs have been gaining success, especially abroad (Tip of the BBC 3 station, Album of the Month of the TOCCATA magazine (Germany), the full number of stars in the Early Music Review magazine etc.). In addition to the psalm Super Flumina Babylonis, which won a prize in the Mercure de France already during Richter's life, also his choral Miserere in f minor and a  concerto for harpsichord and orchestra will also be recorded,  featuring as a soloist the Czech-German musician Barbara Maria Willi. The CD will be recorded in June 2019 in the Znojmo Church of St. Michael. The Supraphon label will offer it for worldwide distribution at the turn of the years 2019 and 2020. The Czech Ensemble Baroque is now trying to collect CZK 100,000.- which is the sum remaining to reach the total amount needed, through a collection on the Hithit crowdfunding platform. The campaign will be active until 16 May 2019 only. You can contribute here.

Performers involved in the recording:

Soprano: P. Radostová, M. Böhmová

Contralto: P. Olech, K. Mazalova

Tenor: J. Kubín

Bass: J. M. Procházka

Harpsichord: B. M. Willi

Choirmaster: T. Válková

Concert Master: E. Machová

Conductor: R. Válek 

Album content:

  1. X. Richter : Miserere in f minor

Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra

Super flumina Babylonis



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