Ensemble Opera Diversa: Contemporary Religious Music in Brno

3 September 2019, 1:00
Ensemble Opera Diversa: Contemporary Religious Music in Brno

Ensemble Opera Diversa is preparing the second performance of the 25th symphony by the composer František Gregor Emmert in Brno. The programme, dedicated to contemporary sacred music, will complement this symphony with a selection of Emmert's Psalm Songs and an iconic composition for strings by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. The soloists of the evening will be Jarmila Balážová, Milan Paľa and Marek Paľa, and the concert will be conducted by Marián Lejava.

The flagship composition of the programme is the 25th Symphony ' K tobě byl poslán anděl ' [An Angel Was Sent to You] by the Brno composer František Gregor Emmert (1940–2015), which was premiered on 1 June 2017 in Brno. . In its second performance in Brno, this symphony will be complemented by a selection of Emmert's Psalm Songs and an iconic composition for strings by the world-famous Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. The concert will take place on 17 September 2019 at 20:00 in the Church of St. Augustine in Brno.


Arvo Pärt (*1935): Fratres for violin, strings and drums (1977) 10'

František Gregor Emmert (1940–2015): Psalm songs for mezzo-soprano and organ (1986) selection

František Gregor Emmert: Symphony No. 25 for viola, organ, mezzo-soprano and strings (2012) 39'

on a selection of verses and words of Psalm 80 and the Virgin Mary prayers of St. Catherine of Siena, Gertrude von Le Fort and the Rosary of Pain

I. Vinice [Vineyard] – Canto sperare

II. Den milosti [Day of Grace] – Canto d’amore

III. Trním korunován [Crowned with Thorns] – Canto doloroso

Jsi mým přístřeším pod hvězdnou oblohou [You Are My Shelter under the Star-lit Sky] – Canto caritatis


Milan Paľa (violin, viola), Marek Paľa (organ), Jarmila Balážová (mezzo-soprano), Ensemble Opera Diversa, concert master Jan Bělohlávek, conducted by Marián Lejava. 

Milan Paľa / photo by Julian Veverica



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Yesterday evening at the piazzetta of the Janáček Theatre was marked by a concert to commence the 2019/2020 season of the National Theatre Brno (NdB). Promotion of the event ensured the most important thing for this music evening – hundreds of spectators who filled up the whole place. We should not forget the really wide age range, which is so much needed for future culture, especially at its lower limit (still in strollers).     more

Only rarely one single song is the main topic for an interview. In the case of the cellist Josef Klíč, the concert master of the National Theatre in Brno, this was offered. It does not happen every day that a  Czech composer and his song reach the finals of a worldwide competition. However, there were more reasons for our talk – memories of the late Jaroslav Erik Frič, Josef's contract at the Janáček Theatre and the upcoming new album.  more

For the opening concert of the 20th anniversary season of the Špilberk Festival yesterday, the Brno Philharmonic chose a dramaturgy consisting of proven as well as lesser-known pieces. The subtitle Romantic Carnival immersed all evening in the carnival spirit associated with celebrations before the carnival opening. The aim of the programme was to characterize the period of merriment, celebrations and masks by compositions that tell with their mood about this period of the year. The almost full-up castle courtyard had the opportunity to enjoy an unpretentious and appealing programme, which also with its lower temperature more easily approached that cold carnival period.       more

As a UNESCO-listed city of music, Brno has had four festival days full of music and dance. Tens of concerts and performances with hundreds of performers took place at twenty-two music venues. Music in the streets sounded on every corner, but most attention this year was attracted by four rooms by the artist Kateřina Šedá, in which artists of different genres and nationalities took turns. Another attraction was the performances of the British Motionhouse and No Fit State Circus, who repeatedly enchanted the Náměstí Svobody Square with their acrobatic pieces and breathtaking performances. Two large stages were also set up – Dominik Stage on Dominikánské Square and Django Stage on Malinovského Square, on which appeared artists such as Jana Kirschner, Monika Bagárová, minus123minutes or Jan P. Muchow & The Antagonists. Traditionally, the festival was accompanied by the sound of barrel organs whose players met in Brno as part of their 10th international meeting. This year, singer and multi-instrumentalist Tinatin Tsereteli (Hannover) and violinist Nicola Manzan (Bologna) as artists from UNESCO partner cities of music also premiered at the Brno Music Marathon. The atmosphere of the festival is captured in the video below.  more

Folkové prázdniny [Folk Holidays] in Náměšť nad Oslavou is a festival standing out with its dramaturgy, structure and atmosphere. Every season has its own theme, every evening has its own theme, and even some individual performances have their own themes. The long-time programme director Michal Schmidt managed this year to excellently balance Czech premiéres and truly extraordinary projects with reappearances and sure bets. This year's theme of Folkové prázdniny was About the Soul; however, this week-long event has its soul every year.  more