Hot News: The Brno Music Marathon is coming up in a week. It will bring dozens of concerts at twenty-two venues around the city

Hot News: The Brno Music Marathon is coming up in a week. It will bring dozens of concerts at twenty-two venues around the city

Four days of August, twenty-two music stages, dozens of concerts and performances, hundreds of performers and thousands of spectators. All this is promised by the Brno Music Marathon 2019 international festival, which will burst out in just a week, on 8 August 2019. Concerts in the streets and squares will be accessible for free, featuring among others Jana Kirschner, Khoiba, Motionhouse and NoFit State Circus, Monika Bagárová, Jan P. Muchow & The Antagonists, Progres 2, Žamboši or Pacora Trio with Denisa Kopačková. Buskers will play in dwelling rooms on the streets, barrel organ players will appear as part of their 10th international meeting. DJ Jon Hopkins, known for his cooperation with Coldplay, will also come to Brno. Cirk La Putyka and Pokáč are coming, and Lázně Rašínova [Rašínova Spa] will be occupied by opera singers and synchronised swimming. Music will sound also in the underground, in a mall, in churches, in a hotel or in the Town Hall.

The opening of the largest music festival in the centre of Brno will be preceded by an allegorical parade of performers from Amanitas Fire Theater in costumes with special pyrotechnic effects on Thursday, 8 August 2019 on Radnická Street. Goddesses with wings, devils and angels, accompanied by artistically mixed music with live female vocals, will take the audience to Jakubské Náměstí Square, where the informal opening of the festival will take place. The beatboxer Endru or Ritmo Factory with its modern drum show will be featured.

The renowned Brno visual artist Kateřina Šedá has been bringing live music not only to the centre of Brno, but mainly to unconventional places, thanks to her project named Bezuliční busking [Strettless Busking]. In the past, it was possible to hear musicians on balconies, in the underground, and on escalators. Last year, music was played in a yellow Mercedes, on a pedestrian crossing and at the top of a tree.  

This season of the festival will offer dwelling concerts directly in the streets. Four open rooms (living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen) will host buskers to give listeners an unforgettable experience – they will be home in the streets. Artists such as the Crazy Accordion Trio (Poland), Steve Aruni (United Kingdom), Mario Bihari Schizzle Orchestra will be joined by barrel organ players from all over the world, just like last year. The novelty of this year's festival will be the participation of artists from two other UNESCO Creative Cities of Music (Brno won this prestigious title in 2017) –  singer Tinatin Tsereteli from is coming from the German city of Hanover and violinist Nicola Manzanim from Bologna; a large Buskers' Jam will take place on Saturday 10 August evening at the Dominik Stage.               

The large Dominik Stage will be built on the newly renovated Dominikánské náměstí Square, offering a mix of genres: alternative, art rock, electronica, film music, children's music, jazz, pop and rock. Its quieter counterpart will be the Guest Centre in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall. It will offer an oasis of calm and information about the festival, but also good food and drink. All this will be accompanied by short concerts of various genres, which will once again include performances for children.

The Folklore Stage at the Bishop's Court will be dedicated to folk music, as well as the Orlí Stage on the terrace next to the theatre, the Kabinet Stage will feature alternative in the famous Brno club, Roma music wil be heard from the Django Stage on Malinovského Náměstí Square and reproduced chillout music production accompanied by stylish gastronomy will be offered by the Brunch'n'Park Stage on Moravské Náměstí Square . 

The functionalist Alfa pasáž [Alpha Mall] will resonate with Pianoštfeta; the Jesuit Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary will host a show named The Infinite Organ at the Jesuits Church. Classics will also be played at the Assembly Room of the New Town Hall, where Barbara Maria Willi & friends will bring the charm of Scottish songs and the power of Ukrainian folklore, and the Mintmaster Cellar, which will host the duo Pavel Fischer & Jakub Jedlinský with its thrilling combination of world music, classics and jazz.    

This year, Czech and foreign buskers will unpack it in four street rooms – on Česká Street, Jakubské Náměstí Square, in the Letmo shopping mall and in the old tunnel called Myší díra [Mouse Hole], barrel organ players will play in the centre, at the Slavia Hotel or at the Red Church. The summer terrace of the Špilberk Castle will belong once again to the most remarkable songwriter of the new generation, who calls himself Pokáč. 

Náměstí Svobody Square will host, apart from  the barrel organ players, a performance called  BLOCK by the British Motionhouse and NoFit State, organized in cooperation with the festival On the Boards, Pavement and Grass; Sono Centrum, thanks to its cooperation with Letní Letná, will present Cirk La Putyka. Jon Hopkins' dance party will take place at Fléda and listeners will be invited to Rašínova Spa to the opera The Last Polo.

Venues of music production:

Dominik Stage

Dominikánské Náměstí Square

Mix of genres

9 and 10 August

Guest Centre

courtyard of the Old Town Hall

live music, information centre and gastronomy

8  - 11 August

Streetless Busking

Jakubské Náměstí Square, Česká Street, Letmo shopping mall, Myší díra and the city centre

“Rooms” by the visual artist Kateřina Šedá

10th International Meeting of Barrel organ players

10  - 11 August

Cabinet Stage

Kabinet Múz

alternative, electronica, jazz, rock

9 and 10 August

Orlí  Stage

Divadlo na Orlí


9 August

Folklore Stage

Bishop's Court


10 August

Endless Organ at the Jesuit Church

Jesuit Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary


Pianoštafeta in the Alpha Mall


Alfa Palace

classics, pop

Django Stage

Malinovského Náměstí Square

Roma music

9 August

Brunch'n'Park Stage

Moravské Náměstí Square

chillout and gastronomy

9 August

Mintmaster's cellar

Dominikánské Náměstí Square

Pavel Fischer & Jakub Jedlinský

10 August

Assembly Room of the New Town Hall

Dominikánské Náměstí Square

Barbara Maria Willi & friends

11 August

Hotel Slavia

Solniční Street

10th World Championship of Barrel Organ Players – the opening show

11 August

The Red Church

Komenského Náměstí Square

10th World Championship of Barrel Organ Players – the closing show

11 August

Summer Terrace of Špilberk Castle


Pokáč + Aleš Petržela

8 August

Sono Centrum

Cirk La Putyka / Isole

8 – 10 August

Rašínova Spa

Hausopera / The Last Polo

9 and 10 August


Jon Hopkins / DJ set

9 August

Náměstí Svobody Square

Motionhouse, NoFit State / BLOCK

10 and 11 August


Up-to-date information is available on the festival website and on Facebook.

Admission to most events is free.

Photo from the archive of Music Marathon 2018

Photo archive The Brno Music Marathon



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Originally, it was supposed to be the third part of the YM project, in which the individual members of the group Květy make records of their solo albums of different genres, and their colleagues from the band accompany them. After Lorenzovi hoši [Lorenzo´s Boys] by Martin Kyšperský in country style and after the electronic Japonec [The Japanese Guy] by Aleš Pilgr, Ondřej Kyas´s Solárium [The Sunbed] was hard to classify concerning its genre category. As a solo record, with only an episode contribution by Aleš Pilgr and without any playing participation of Martin Kyšperský.  more

The small Ponava music club has been renowned in Brno last several years for its very high quality music production. Here and there, its diverse programme also features folklore projects. On Thursday, a duo of the well-known multi-instrumentalist Marian Friedl and the Lachian vocalist Sabrina Pasičnyk performed on this stage.  more

While trumpeter Jiří Kotača is known to the Brno jazz audience mainly as the bandmaster of the progressive big band Cotatcha Orchestra, on his first CD he presents himself with a different formation. He had met the Swedish guitarist Alf Carlsson during his studies in the Netherlands, and then they met up again and founded their band during Alf's tourist trip to the Czech Republic. Then they invited two very talented Slovak players to a joint trip for music, drummer Kristián Kuruc and double bass player Peter Korman, who is a member of Kotača's big band. This international formation plays Kotača's and Carlsson's original compositions and gets more or less inspired by Moravian, Slovak and above all Scandinavian folklore. The album was given the name Journeys, because journeys – to music, to knowledge and to the heart of souls – are what the life of not only this band revolves around.  more

With the return to the Janáček Theatre after three years and with the first foreshadowing of the upcoming celebrations of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth, the Brno Philharmonic entered the new year with its traditional, already the 65th New Year concert in history. For this occasion, it chose a programme truly magnificent and appropriate, crowned by the European-famous Ode to Joy. The whole gala evening took place under the baton of Chief Conductor Dennis Russell Davies.  more

Two sold-out concerts launched on Saturday filled-up the hall of the Koruna cinema in Břeclav, where the Národopisný soubor Břeclavan [Břeclavan Ethnographic Ensemble] celebrated its 65th anniversary and joined thus the series of jubilee folklore ensembles this year. The afternoon concert had to be eventually added because of the huge audience acclaim, which only confirms that in South Moravia folklore is still widely known and enjoys unremitting popularity.  more