Jazz Spring 2018 Festival: Vince Agwada Blues Band, Nigel Price Trio, The Flash! And others

10 January 2018, 1:00
Jazz Spring 2018 Festival: Vince Agwada Blues Band, Nigel Price Trio, The Flash! And others

The Jazz Spring 2018 Festival promises 25 jazz concerts in the Stará Pekárna club. There will be performances from David Dorůžka & the Luboš Soukup Quartet, the Vince Agwada Blues Band, the Nigel Price Trio, The Flash! and many more.

The ongoing international music festival Jazz Spring will be back in the new year and as always it will be swinging in time: from 16 January to 5 June 2018. Audiences can look forward to a total of 18 jazz and blues evenings in the Stará Pekárna club. Most of the concerts will be given by foreign or mixed line-ups. All of the festival’s concerts will begin at 8 p.m.

Programme for Jazz Spring 2018:

Tues 16/1 - Five Heads (CZ), modern jazz from Ostrava

Mon 22/1 - Alexander Bone Quartet (UK/CZ), saxophone!

Thurs 1/2 - Nigel Price Trio (UK/CZ), modern guitar jazz

Tues 13/2 - Tres Quatros Kvintet (CZ), fusion jazz

Tues 20/2 - The Flash! (Poland), punk jazz from Krakow

Thurs 22/2 - Benson McGlashan Trio (Canada/Ukraine/CZ)

Tues 27/2 - Valér Miko Trio & Sisa Fehér and guests (SK), melodic piano & vocal jazz

Tues 6/3 - Weller-Parker-Drobka (USA, NYC + Chicago)

Tues 13/3 - Kristina Barta Trio & Míra Hloucal and guests (CZ), modern jazz

Weds 14/3 - DeadBeatz (Austria), really great blues

Weds 21/3 - Will Wilde (UK) & The Bladderstones (CZ), blues harmonica

Tues 27/3 - David Dorůžka & Luboš Soukup Quartet (CZ/SK), the best!

Tues 3/4 - Behind the Door (CZ), groove & fusion

Weds 4/4 - Bužma (CZ) + Paul Batto (Slovenia), blues

Thurs 5/4 - Bran (CZ), Celtic and Breton music

Tues 10/4 - Petr Beneš Quartet (CZ/NL), modern jazz

Weds 11/4 - Pit et Ratatouille (France), 1950s chansons

Thurs 12/4 - Živé kvety (SK), cult rock from Bratislava

Mon 16/4 - Vince Agwada Blues Band (USA/CZ)

Tues 24/4 - Gin in Jam (CZ), vocal funk band

Thurs 2/5 - Marcella Camarco Quintet (USA/CZ), Latin jazz

Thurs 3/5 - Justin Lavash (UK), blues & roots

Tues 8/5 - Algorhythm (Poland), modern jazz quintet from Gdansk

Tues 29/5 - Kyla Brox Band (UK/CZ), soul queen from Manchester

Tues 5/6 - Hoochie Coochie Band (CZ), delta blues






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In the course of four days the Brno Music Marathon offered some 150 concerts with more than 500 participants. The festival brought together local artists and guests from abroad. The Jazz Evening in the Sono Centre opened with Brno’s Marek Kotača Trio, followed by Yaron Herman from Israel and Kenny Garrett from the USA, while on the stage at Špilberk Castle the local hip-hop legends Chaozz and the crossover and world music Dog Eat Dog got the audience moving. The Adicts from England together with the Prague group The Fialky took care of the rock evening at Fléda, while in the Sono Centre it was the Dutch Physical Graffiti paying tribute to Led Zeppelin. Brno was full of rock, with the British alt-J also performing on Sunday evening.  more

After reconstruction the building of Czech Radio Brno has a new studio. Studio VII was figuratively baptised with the concert Living Notes from the series of folk concerts On a Moravian Note on Czech Radio Brno and Zlin. The musical dedication was made by the Horňácko group of Petr Mička, whose bandmaster is also one of the radio station’s editors. As guests they introduced the very talented young singers Anička Mičková and Janíček Pavlík and the Horňácko folk legend Martin Hrbáč. You can see the whole more than hour-long programme on the Czech Radio YouTube channel.  more

To record an album of famous jazz standards translated into Czech and yet not only to not come up short, but even to come across naturally and as much as possible even originally, is extremely demanding. Darek Neumann, “a kind of Brno character” (as stated in the booklet of the album) has managed it. The fact that it successfully balanced on the very borders of sentiment and pure blues, is much down to the lyrics of Ester Kočičková.  more

The mandolin player Martin Krajíček plays in various genres of groups. He has his own acoustic trio, is a member of the Jitka Šuranská Trio, plays in the “Mexican” group Mariachi Espuelas and in Cimbal Classica, plays klezmer and also teaches the mandolin. Since last year he has also been the organiser of the Mandolin Festival in Boskovice. This year it will take place from 8 to 10 June.  more

The group D.N.A. Brno, winners of the final of Porta in 2011, after a gap of four years have brought out a new album. Alongside a new surname for the bass guitarist (but it is still the same Barbora who years ago cofounded the then children’s and girls’ group) there was an important change in the line-up. Ondra Bojanovský (son of Aleš Bojanovský of FT Prima) has become a new member, playing rhythmic instruments. This has made it possible for the former percussionist Lenka Ručková to move over to the piano. Otherwise they remain as they were: D.N.A. is a group of young people, mostly classically trained, who like folk as well as classical. On the musical side they play it masterfully – there can be no objections to their skill, which is made evident in individual songs. The actual repertoire already on the last album has grown up from the childhood years and the innovation is of course, in this respect, a bit more mature. The band has not surprised us with any a sudden shift. But the result is a bit more mature and confident. And what has also been added are serious but at the same time credible themes.  more