Polemic and Medial Banana: a joint birthday party in Brno

10 February 2020, 1:00
Polemic and Medial Banana: a joint birthday party in Brno

Representatives of the Slovak reggae and ska scene Polemic and Medial Banana are preparing a joint birthday concert in the Fléda club. The Brno concert is one of only two performances in the Czech Republic. The interconnection of these two bands started with their anthem Staré časy [Old Times], which they presented together at the Uprising festival. The concert will also feature new songs from the upcoming albums of the two formations. 

The joint performance of these popular artists was one of the highlights of the Uprising festival in 2019. It was there for the first time that the song Staré časy was played, which the two bands recorded together. "It was interesting to me that while the  guys may be half a generation younger, we have experienced virtually the same things," explains the creation of the song Branislav Bejzo Bajza of Polemic. The song, which looks back on the years of adolescence of the members of the two bands, started their cooperation and gave the name to the current tour. During the March show at Fléda, both bands will play their biggest hits, which will sum up the three decades of Polemic's existence and the past decade of Medial Banana.

The concert is announced to take place on 18 March at 8:30 pm at the Fléda club.

The Slovak group Polemic was founded in 1989. This eight-member choir of musicians is one of the leading Slovak projects in the genres of ska and reggae. During the band's active time it managed to release seven regular albums and perform with them at all important festivals in the Czech and Slovak Republics (Pohoda, Colours of Ostrava, Mighty Sounds and others). The band has also performed abroad, in England, Italy, Germany or Switzerland. The Bratislava-based formation Medial Banana was established in 2009; its songs are a mix of reggae and ska with elements of rock, dub or dancehall. The band has made three full-feature albums and engaged in extensive  collaboration with the British MC Deadly Hunt.

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