The Acoustics of the Concert Hall in Brno will be taken care of by Nagata

1 December 2017, 15:30
The Acoustics of the Concert Hall in Brno will be taken care of by Nagata

Nagata Acoustics America, Konior Studio and Architekti Hrůša & spol., Atelier Brno. This team looks like it will be the supplier of project documentation for a building permit and project documentation for the above-ground parts of the Janáček Cultural Centre. This is a new concert hall that will be a base for the Brno Philharmonic. The expert commission today recommended the contracting authorities that they choose this team.

“I am truly glad that at last we know the name of the winner and that we can now continue with preparing the project. The tender proceedings were very demanding and complicated,” stated Brno’s deputy mayor Matěj Hollan. “I am very satisfied with the winning team. Nagata is after all among the most renowned acoustics companies in the world,” added Hollan.

Two teams qualified for the competitive round, and the commission evaluated the bids they submitted. According to the law on public procurement they had to choose the bid with the lowest prize. The commission excluded the second team for not fulfilling the conditions of the law on public procurement. Currently we are in the fifteen-day period for the submission of appeals, after which the city can close a contract with the winning team. “The first task of the designers will be aligning the underground and above-ground parts of the building. Workers are now completing the first stage, that is the underground parking, which is to be handed over in January of next year,” said Hollan. 

Since 1971 Nagata Acoustic under Yasuhisa Toyota has designed almost sixty concert halls around the world. In the qualification round they showed their latest projects in Paris, Shanghai and Poland’s Katowice. They are also well-known thanks to the recent opening of the building of the Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg. The second member of the team is the architect Tomasz Konior, who with Nagata designed the previously mentioned hall in Katowice. The trio is completed by the Brno architect Petr Hrůša with his studio as being responsible for obtaining authorisations and qualifications that are required under Czech regulations.

The city announced the competition for the project team last year in August. And from the beginning they made no secret of the fact that they had set very strict conditions. “A similarly specific space was created in the Czech Republic more than a hundred years ago – it was the Smetana Hall in Prague’s Obecní dům. There are not many experts who have experience of such a project,” explained the director of the Brno Philharmonic, Marie Kučerová. For this reason in the competition conditions the city required that each team as a whole demonstrated the realisation of three halls for symphonic music with the required capacity and natural acoustics, length of experience or work on buildings of a similar volume in heritage zones. “The team designs the form of the concert hall – its shape, soundproofing, placing of the organ, materials and similar. Thus the heart of the whole concert house,” added Kučerová.

The new concert hall is supposed to open for the 2020-2021 season. It will have a capacity of over 1200 and world class acoustic parameters. The total cost will be 1.276 billion crowns. According to a memorandum from 1 October 2016 the state is to contribute 600 million crowns, the city of Brno Brno 562 million and the South Moravian Region 100 million crowns.

About Hall for Brno

The name Hall for Brno (Janáček Cultural Centre) covers a project for building a new concert hall on the corners of Besední and Veselá streets. It will be home to the Brno Philharmonic, a more than one-hundred-member body on a European level that currently rehearses and plays in unsuitable conditions. The full orchestra is unable to fit on the stage in Besední dům, the philharmonic’s home. And in the Janáček Theatre, where they often give concerts, they have unsatisfactory acoustic conditions. Audiences do not really know what Philharmonic sounds like. “Thanks to the new concert hall we will see the true quality of the orchestra and I believe we will also be able to attract top international artists to Brno, where at the moment we have nowhere to invite them to,” stated the director of the Brno Philharmonic Marie Kučerová.



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The Slovak group Kiero Grande, two Polish bands and the Brno musician Jan Fic with his solo project progressed from the competition Blues Aperitiv to the international festival Blues Alive in Šumperk. Jan, or Honza as he is informally called, who under the label Red Bird Instruments makes cigar box guitars and other instruments, is otherwise known as the frontman of The Weathermakers, playing their raw blues even at Porta. And in several festivals he appeared as leader of the mock country group The Honzíci. The interview that follows took place on the occasion of the release of the solo album Město (City), which Jan Fic together with the producer Martin Kyšperský officially presented on 17 December in Brno’s Stereo – Vinyl Culture Shop.  more

The last week full of musical events culminated in the final round of the Central European Jazz Competition organised by the “neighbouring” jazz festivals – JazzFestBrno and Poysdorf Jazz & Wine. This cross-border musical project has a promising future: the first year of the jazz competition in its final afternoon offered six half-hour blocks of the finalists, who were a surprise with their musical range and the quality of their musicianship.  more

The main programme focus of this year’s Janáček Brno 2018 international festival is the performance of all of the composer’s musical-dramatic works. After the popular success of Káťa Kabanová and the precisely staged The Makropulos Affair yesterday it was the turn of the Polish ensemble Teatr Wielki from Poznan with a performance of Jenůfa, a work which, twelve years after its Brno premiere in 1904 opened the doors to the international musical scene to Leoš Janáček.  more

Many diverse and qualitatively varied opera performances were heard at the festival Janáček Brno 2018. Every now and then a production appears that divides Brno audiences into two irreconcilable camps, one overjoyed by the innovativeness, many non-musical references and bold direction, while the others lament the illogical symbolism, departures from the libretto, seeing it even as a slap in the face of the composer. The song cycle The Diary of One Who Disappeared from the Belgian ensemble Muziektheater Transparant as directed by Ivo van Hove and with compositional annotations by Annelies Van Parys is controversial in the true sense of the word. The scenographer Jan Versweyveld, the costume designer An D’Huys and the dramaturge Krystian Lada also took part in this new stage form. The solo roles were taken by Ed Lyon, Marie Hamard and Hugo Koolschijn, accompanied on the piano by Lada Valešová and the choral academy De Munt/La Monnaie also took part in the production. The Diary of One Who Disappeared was performed yesterday in the hall of the Mahen Theatre.  more

The second of the accompanying folk concerts of the Janáček Brno festival took place at the Reduta Theatre. And it seems that the bar, set by the first concert, has remained high. The show, called Chodníčky k lidové písni (“Roads to folksong”) was to present one of Janáček’s favourite regions in Slovácko – Horňácko – to the audience. This job was taken on by a cimbalom band with the fitting name of Musica Folklorica.  more