The Music Stage of the Brno City Theater celebrates 15 years of its existence

2 October 2019, 7:00
The Music Stage of the Brno City Theater celebrates 15 years of its existence

Fifteen years ago, the second theater building of the Brno City Theater was opened with ceremonial premieres of the musical Hair. The ensemble had been involved in musical production already since the nineteen-nineties, but at times it bounced the walls of the technical shortcomings of the building. The foundation stones arrived to Brno from Dolní Věstonice and from Broadway, NYC, and were laid on 17 November 2001. The theater is preparing to celebrate the anniversary with two major concerts that will commemorate all the productions presented so far. The celebratory programme is being created under the direction of  Igor Ondříček. The progamme will feature stars such as Dušan Vitázek, Markéta Sedláčková, Jana Musilová, Petr Štěpán, Viktória Matušovová, Petr Gazdík and others. The Brno City Theater Orchestra will be conducted by Dan Kalousek. 

Contemporary musical titles involve light shows with high requirements put on technical background. The management of the theater at that time, led by its director Stanislav Moša, therefore proceeded to negotiate with the Ministry of Culture and other institutions. They managed to obtain the necessary permits and start the construction of a new building, which is currently one of the most modernly equipped theaters for the staging of musical productions. The foundation stones were brought to Brno from Dolní Věstonice and from Broadway, NYC. They were ceremonially inaugurated on 17 November 2001. “Both of these foundation stones relate to our dramaturgy. The Broadway one is meant to refer to the cradle of the musical from which we draw so-called world titles, and the one from Dolní Věstonice symbolizes our desire for original projects written by Czech authors,” explains Stanislav Moša, director of the Brno City Theater. The building itself is the work of architects Roman Mach and Jozef Kubín. The construction won 1st place in the competition for the best construction of the South Moravian Region, the Building of the Year 2004 Award, and an honorable mention in the TOP INVEST competition for the best investment of the year.

Over the past 15 years, 2,905 performances and concerts have been staged here for 1,780,893 spectators (counted as of 30 September 2019). “The number of premieres at the jubilee date totals 68 premiered titles. However, fifteen concert performances have to be added to that number. In the above mentioned period we presented eighteen productions in world premieres and the fifteen concert performances can be added to the original titles,” explains director Stanislav Moša.   

The past years and these productions will be commemorated by the Brno City Theater with two concerts on 5 and 6 October on the Music Stage. The evening will be prepared by director Igor Ondříček, who will invite his colleagues to the stage. The progamme will feature stars such as Dušan Vitázek, Markéta Sedláčková, Jana Musilová, Petr Štěpán, Viktória Matušovová, Petr Gazdík and others. The Brno City Theater Orchestra will be conducted by Dan Kalousek

Music Stage, Brno City Theater / archive photo



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