The Nouvelle Prague music conference will be held online this year and free of charge

28 October 2020, 1:00
The Nouvelle Prague music conference will be held online this year and free of charge

The eighth annual session of the Nouvelle Prague music conference and show will take place online this year. You will be able to watch lectures, workshops and mentoring meetings with representatives of festivals, clubs, publishing houses and music media safely from home.

"We are aware that the situation in the music industry is immensely difficult. That is why we decided to make the conference accessible free of charge. This year we are focusing more on the Czecho-Slovak scene, possible solutions and ways out of the crisis and financial support to the sector, but also, for example, environmentally-friendly approaches to organising musical events, ways musicians and organisers can improve communication on social networks and YouTube, or where and how to claim financial support", says the programme director of the conference Anna Mašátová.

Nouvelle Prague will open up several topics this year. The directors of the Rock for People and Pohoda festivals, Michal Thomes and Michal Kaščák, will discuss with the guests their outlook for the 2021 season, while Dan Dudarec (Minority Records), Petr Ostrouchov (Animal Music), David Landštof (Tranzistor) and Shina (Slnko Records) will focus on publishing, distribution and synchronisation issues. The online conference will take place on 31 October 2020.

Jakub Šíma (Full Moon Magazine, Radio Wave), Hugo ToxxxDaniel Nádler  (Kolektiv X) and Annet X will reveal what the current Czech rap scene looks like and what trends will lead the way. Musician and producer Margo will conduct interviews with representatives of leading music media – Jana Kománková, Michal Pařízek, Honza Vedral and Zdeněk Lichnovský.

Nouvelle Prague together with David Čajčík (Heartnoize Promotion, Roxy), David Urban (D Smack U), Balázs Soós (A38) and Steve Zapp (ITB), will see how the coronavirus crisis has changed the booking of artists. How clubs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are doing will be discussed by Vašek Kokeš (Fource Entertainment), Martin Kozumplík (Brno Club Music Association) and Tibor Zelenay (Association of Music Clubs). Musicians are in for music guides to Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria, Andrea Hurychová will lead you through the world of YouTube, Jen Zápotocký (Scale) through social networks, possibilities of financial support and grants for musicians and organisers will be discussed in detail, and the JUMP European Music Market Accelerator platform will be introduced.

Due to current government measures, it is not possible to organise the traditional concert part of Nouvelle Prague; despite that, the organisers have selected the ten most interesting items out of more than 130 registered projects – Aiko, Annabelle, Bára Zmeková, Billow, Bookie Baker, Papyllon, Sinks, Tea Sofia, Vanua2 and White Place. These will be given space not only on the website and social networks, but also during listening sessions with personalities of the music scene. The complete conference programme and online broadcast can be found here.

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One older - not quite typical – Květy´s album began with the words: "The quietest band in the world so as not to disturb the neighbours." The newest album, called a bit mysteriously Květy Květy (Flowers Flowers) begins with this text: “We are heading into the dark at the highest speed.” Can one deduce anything from the fact that the band around Martin E. Kyšperský in the slowest year, at the time of the lockdown, came up with the fastest and perhaps the most energetic album in their career? Or is it more important that, despite all the pressure that emanates from Květy Květy (Flowers Flowers) as a collective work, it is actually a very solitary and intimate record?  more

The poetic title Květy nevadnoucí (Flowers Never Fading) hides the most recent publishing achievement of Jiří Plocek. This compilation CD celebrates a quarter of a century since the establishment of the Moravian folklore series in his GNOSIS BRNO publishing house, which released fourteen albums created between 1995 and 2005. And they are not just ordinary albums. Jiří Plocek's enthusiasm and feeling for song is indisputable, but there is much more coming from the recordings – for example, it is the enthusiasm of the singers themselves, which Jiří Plocek fuelled during the recording sessions, while letting them play and sing according to their own will and mood. I must also emphasise the choice of performers themselves. The names have really become iconic by now – František Okénka, Zdeněk Kašpar, Karel Rajmic, Vlasta Grycová, Jiřina Miklošková and many others. Unfortunately, some of them have already departed from this world. Others, which we hear on the album as gifted children, are already rising to become another generations of singers – which is the case of Tomáš Beníček. I'm intentionally mentioning the singers, but the album itself also has a high musical quality. However, all the songs are performed by exceptional performers. This also gives them uniqueness in the spirit of a living folk tradition.  more

Two years after the monothematic album Bleděmodré město (Pale Blue City), for which the Brno-based group Nevermore & Kosmonaut received a nomination for the genre-specific Anděl Award, the band released a new album with a mysterious name XCR-9. The subheading Písně do rakety (Songs for a Space Shuttle) reveal more. While on the last album we walked through the streets of the city of Brno together with Michal Šimíček and his band, this time the singer-songwriter, who has been using the nickname Kosmonaut for years, is taking us on a fictitious journey into space.  more

The album Folk Swings of the Brno-based B-Side Band is being vividly discussed on social networks. Can a big band take the liberty of to playing the "sacred" songs of Czech folk? And what if these compositions are sung along with the band directly by their authors such as Jaromír Nohavica, Vlasta Redl or Slávek Janoušek? However, while the above might have been able to have their say concerning the arrangements, Karel Kryl, Zuzana Navarová or Wabi Ryvola could no longer make any comments regarding the makeovers of their songs… We talked to Petr Kovařík and Pavel Zlámal, members of the orchestra, about how the album was created, why Ryvola's song 'Tereza' sounds like a Cuban dance, and why 'Podvod' ('Scam') by Honza Nedvěd is played only as an instrumental piece. The two guys have actually created new arrangements for widely famed as well as less well-known folk songs, which now appear on this album.  more

Tiché lodi ('Silent Ships') is not a band, but a project of the guitarist and singer René Müller, who lives in Brno. While he recorded his previous album Časy vody ('Times of Water' – 2015) working together with Roman Cipísek Cerman, his former colleague from the band Hynkovy zámky ('Hynek's Locks'), Müller is now appearing all by himself on the new album – as writer of the music and lyrics, guitarist and singer, or – in his case more precisely – narrator.  more