The Znojmo Music Festival Will Take Place in Full

The Znojmo Music Festival Will Take Place in Full

Despite coronavirus measures, the 16th Znojmo Music Festival will take place unchanged and in full. During July, more than 25 music events will take place in Znojmo and its surroundings. The central theme is the blending of theatre and music. The subheading is "Music in theatre, theatre in music". 

The festival focuses mainly on classical music, the programme also includes dulcimer music, jazz and original crossover programmes. Many events are tailored to the festival. The programme promises a number of concerts from chamber to symphonic, open-air events and proprietary opera productions, which the festival prepares every year as summer "stagionas" in cooperation with the Czech Ensemble Baroque. Visitors can look forward to candlelight concerts, discovering the greatest librettist in history, P. Metastasio, folklore concerts and events for children. "We did not compromise on level and we are proud that we were one of the few to let the festival, originally prepared for June, feature all the events in full. We may be limited in capacity or we will have to provide protective means, but we are very happy that after such a long period of separation from culture, it is us and the Hudba Znojmo team that can bring people a musical distraction, as they are used to from previous years," said Jiří Ludvík, president of the festival. The festival will take place on the original dates, i.e. from 9 to 26 July 2020.

Also this year, the festival is preparing to stage a theatrical work in its own production, i.e. directly in Znojmo and tailored to the given space. Preparations are taking place under the baton of Roman Válek. A huge surprise this year is Arnošt Goldflam, who prepared the lyrics for the festival opera. "A fantastic, grotesque and sometimes horrific show with music by Michael Haydn, a close friend of W. A. ​​Mozart and younger brother of Joseph Haydn. Anything can happen in a dream – for example, sparkling dance and opera music from the borders of baroque and classicism can be met with the narration of the famous actor and writer Arnošt Goldflam. Director and mime Radim Vizváry and his team replaced the original storyline of Haydn's pantomime with a new storyline, this time inspired by Goldflam's memoirs and short stories, which have a lot to do with dreams. Mr. Arnošt Goldflam and three opera singers, five mimes and the Czech Ensemble Baroque Orchestra under the baton of Roman Válek will take care of your summer dreaming in person,” producer of the festival opera Tereza Sára Málková described the upcoming stage show.

Pavel Šporcl / photo from archive of the festival



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Brno musicians are talented in various genres, and they’re generally long-lived and vital individuals. This was resoundingly clear during the jubilee celebration of Mojmír Bártek, a teacher, composer, arranger, and above all a virtuoso trombone player. The jubilee concert, dubbed Mojda Bártek 80, was prepared by his friends under the direction of B-Side Band trumpeter and bandleader Josef Buchta. Despite the birthday boy’s open and (sometimes emotional) enjoyment of the two and a half hour program, he still remained an active participant of the entire musical production except for brief moments of rest. He performed as the author of many compositions, but above all as a player, trombone in hand and fully committed.  more

On Thursday 24 March, a Brno audience experienced a truly special evening. Director Břetislav Rychlík and his wife prepared a concert on the music stage of the Brno Municipal Theatre in support of Ukrainian artists who fled their country to escape the war. The evening was entitled “Common Roots” and sought to closer acquaint the audience with the similarities between the folk cultures of Ukraine and Moravia. During the evening's program, I could feel the general musical parallels in particular. Exceptional artists are able to pass such beauty onwards anywhere in the world.  more

The original programme of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra’s third subscription concert, as part of the Philharmonic Orchestra series in Theatre II, promised to continue the originally scheduled Dvořák-Brahms dramaturgy line as interpreted by Elisabeth Leonská. However, of the intended programme for the evening of Dvořák & Brahms II, only Dvořák’s Symphony No. 4 remained. Because Elisabeth Leonská fell ill for the concerts on the 25th and 26th of February at The National Theatre Brno - Janáček Theatre, her place was filled by pianist Alexander Ullman with a performance of The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor by Edvard Hagerup Grieg. The orchestra was led by head conductor of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra Dennis Russell Davies.  more

The long-delayed premiere of the composition The Basement Sketches by composer Michal Nejtek, whose performance was planned for June 2020 and which was commissioned by the Brno Philharmonic, was finally performed on Thursday 25 November at the Community Hall (Besední dům) venue. Together with the Cellar Sketches, the Variations on a Theme by Haydn in B flat major, Op. 56a by Johannes Brahms and Cello Concerto Op. 22 by Samuel Barber were played. In addition to Brno Philharmonic players, cellist Matt Haimovitz and pianist Nikol Bóková also performed. The dramaturgically varied evening, consisting of three distinctly different musical pieces of work and period contexts, was led by the ensemble’s chief conductor Dennis Russell Daviesmore

On Monday 22 November, the second concert of the Brno Contemporary Orchestra’s festive tenth season, entitled Kamenné mantry (Stone Mantras), presented compositions by Fausto Romitelli, Michal Rataj, Miloslav Ištvan and the recently deceased (well known to Brno audiences) Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius. In addition to the orchestra itself, there were also soprano singer Irena Troupová, marimba player Martin Opršál and reciter Pavel Zajíc, who replaced Otakar Blaha in the programme. The concert, organised in cooperation with the Moravian Museum, was conducted by the artistic director of the ensemble Pavel Šnajdrmore