VUS Ondráš hires new orchestra players

13 January 2020, 3:00
VUS Ondráš hires new orchestra players

The Ondráš Military Art Ensemble announces a selection procedure for the professional part of the ensemble, for the position of soloist in the music and singing group (violin) in the Orchestra of Folk Instruments.

The musicians of the Orchestra of Folk Instruments are mostly graduates or students of conservatories or music academies, but there are also those for whom the hobby became a job. The tender will take place on Tuesday 28  January  2020 at 16:00 at the headquarters of VUS Ondráš – Štefánikova Street  53a, Brno. Please send your structured CV in advance to

For this position we offer:

  • main employment contract, a full-time job
  • salary conditions: PT12
  • we offer accommodation options for our employees
  • expected start of employment: by agreement, ideally from 5 February 2020
  • we also offer: stable financial income, 5 weeks of holidays, possibility of discounted meals, possibility to work for a single professional ensemble of its kind in the Czech Republic, possibility of your own personal development in the field of music, creative work in a young team, upon agreement with the management you may also given a chance be for distance learning while working

Requirements on violin players:

Qualification requirements: completed secondary or academic education, with musical specialisation being an advantage, but not a condition.

  • scales + arpeggiated chords of your own choice, double-stops
  • recital, such the 1st movement of a classical or romantic concerto, or a solo composition of any genre
  • improvisation - the candidate will play with our dulcimer band (for violinists, both "prim" and "terc")
  • sight reading - we will send the music material to the registered applicant electronically in advance
  • singing – two folk songs (slow and fast)
  • we welcome examples of your own work, especially focused on the orchestra's instrumental cast

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