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Feature articles

On Friday 14 February, the Sono Centre in Brno hosted a genre-diversified festival, which was also a celebration of three decades of activity of three publishing branches, which we associate with the original simple name Indies Records. Over the years, Indies Records has divided itself into three separate labels with three distinct edition catalogues – Indies MG, Indies Scope and Indies Happy Trails, which are operated by the personalities of Miloš Gruber, Milan Páleš and Jaromír Kratochvíl. more

A farewell was bidden to a great figure of Moravian culture took place in the Basilica of Old Brno on Thursday 30 May at 11 a.m. Not that culture that flows around us every day in magazines and the media, but culture called independent, alternative, underground, and in the person of the deceased, moreover interwoven with spiritual radicalism and Christian tradition. Jaroslav Erik Frič died aged 69 years on 24 May 2019 after a severe illness, but mentally active until his last days.  more

On May 17-19, the film festival on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Masaryk University came with some extraordinarily interesting screenings, reminiscent of important personalities from the university's history. The first of them had, in addition to the relationship with natural science, also the merit of studying folk songs. Professor Vladimír Úlehla (1888 – 1947) was commemorated by an impressive show by his great-granddaughter Julia Ulehla on Friday 17 May.  more

I saw them at the bottom end of Kobližná street. That’s it! It’s a rare example, seldom seen. With this my picture of Brno’s musical fauna has been brought to a satisfying close. After all what kind of city of music would it be if an organ grinder didn’t appear at least occasionally!  more

The song Malované na cimbál by Dalibor Štrunc lent its name to the concert and the new CD. It is one of the most mature and at the same time the most promising fruits of the boom of dulcimer music in Moravia.  more

The area of the so called “Great” Brno emerged when the city centre and the surrounding villages merged together, which contributes to its specific nature. You can merely stretch out your hand, take a few steps and you find yourself in the countryside. Folk traditions are so close to the city centre that they actually feel like home there.  more

“Mario’s” or “Ander’s” were not only visited by Brno cultural bohemians, poets; writers, painters, actors, but also by important figures from all other possible fields. In 1960 and 1970 it was almost a cult place, whose importance still awaits acknowledgement, contemporaries quickly leave this world.  more