Jakub Hrůša will become the fifth Chief Conductor and the musical director of the prominent German orchestra the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra Players – the Bavarian State Philharmonic Orchestra (Bamberger Symphoniker – Bayerische Staatsphilharmonie) in the 2016/2017 season. It was announced today during the morning ceremony, which was attended by Jakub Hrůša himself, by Bavaria’ Minister of Culture Dr. Ludwig Spaenle together with Marcus Rudolf Axt, Chief Executive.  more

The choir at VUT in Brno is seeking new vocal talent. The audition will take place next week.  more

The 21st edition of this competition is being organized by the Musical faculty of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. The competition focusing on young artists playing the violin and on string quartets is being held in cooperation with the Leoš Janáček Foundation.  more

The club, which is starting its 25th concert season, has been reconstructed and is now reopening to jazz musicians from both the domestic and foreign scene. The season will introduce bands as well as individuals such as Ostrich Quartet, Ambrose Akinmusire, Robert Balzar Trio, Vilém Spilka Quartet or Nuf Said.  more

The current 17th year of the festival is divided into two parts. The first part, called Intake of Breath, will take place during October and it will be the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Filigrán dance ensemble. The other part, called Exhalation, will introduce international guests and dance themed movies in November.  more

Old buildings are seemingly silent, but they resonate with memories and lives vanished long ago; this is where they get their distinctive atmosphere from. Watch the video recording of a concert in the former MEZ factory hall in Židenice.  more

The winner of the solo violin category is Amalia Hall from New Zealand while the winner of the string quartet category is a Slovak ensemble called the Mucha Quartet.  more

The new operetta Studio Brno presents the operetta The Cousin from Batavia by Eduard Künneke for the first time.  more

The Brno vocal group Megafon has recorded a debut album full of successful hits and authorial compositions.  more

The Makropulos Affair opera record directed by David Radok and with music production by Marek Ivanovič won two awards at the International Television Festival Golden Prague which took place last night. The recordings won the Foundation VIZE 97 prize and a prize in the category of Performing Arts. The premiere of the opera was on 21 November 2014 during the Janáček Brno festival.  more

The area of Industra in Brno will offer individual workshops focusing on technique (accordion, contrabass, marimba, saxophone, trumpet, and singing) and improvisation development. A concert of the jazz band Dust in the Groove with the saxophone player and experimenter Radim Hanousek will follow.  more

The 6th year of the international festival of organ music will introduce guests from Austria, Poland, Italy and Germany. Bach’s Organ Autumn is one of the most important organ projects in Central Europe. In addition to organ concerts, the programme also includes master courses at JAMU and children’s choir concerts.  more

The third year of the alternative festival will take place in the Malá Amerika hall. The expected guest is American post-punk singer, writer, actor and performer Lydia Lunch.  more

Ensembles like VUS Ondráš, Ara de Madrid, the Whakaari Rotorua cultural group and others will perform as part of the main programme. The accompanying programme will offer a fairy tale for children, a crafts fair or a wine tasting.  more

Starting from today tickets for the Pavel Černoch Gala concert can be bought, which will take place at Janáček Theatre and it will be the only performance in the Czech Republic this year. The featured guests will include the mezzo-soprano Václava Krejčí Housková, Iveta Jiříková with a choir and the orchestra of Janáček’s opera with the conductor Jaroslav Kyzlink.  more

Music composers can register to compete in the categories of studio production and combination of live electronics by the end of the month.  more

The Brno music band has released its tenth album, which is meant to celebrate its 15 years of existence. Its patron will be Slovak singer Katarína Kubišová, who performs under the stage name Katarzia.  more

Evening of classical ballet – The Seven Deadly Sins and the programme with Leonard Cohen’s songs. The sixth year of the Theatre World Brno festival will bring several outstanding music performances.  more

The album which features Martin Kyšperský, Marta Svobodová, Mucha and others will remember the works of the musical composer Jiří Bulis.  more

Tonight the first part of the second year of the integrated festival Postiženi uměním will be presented (Afflicted by Art).  more

On the premises of the Department of Musicology a jubilee fiftieth International Musicological Colloquium begins today. In connection with the recent discovery of two manuscripts of Renaissance polyphony in the Saint James Church in Brno, this year is dedicated to the 15th and 16th century music culture. A concert of the ensemble Societas Incognitorum will take place within the Colloquium.  more

A concert to celebrate the successful singer will take place at the Mahen Theatre, where she will perform together with the Golden Big Band Prague of Petr Sovič. The guests will be Vojtěch Dyk, Matěj Ruppert and Karel Gott to name but a few.  more

He graduated in conducting from the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno under Jiří Bělohlávek, who held the position of an assistant later. Before that he was the director of the opera at the National Theatre in Brno. As of autumn he will lead the Welsh National Opera.  more

The poetry festival, where, for example, Sbor břežanských kastrátů, Velká svačina and Vítek Skřítek Eliáš are performing will take place in the Brooklyn club.  more

Today the city council announced at a conference in Besední dům further progress in the construction of the Janáček Cultural Centre. The patron of this Brno concert hall project is Magdalena Kožená.  more

The exhibition in the Moravian Library called Miloslav Ištvan – a composer who went beyond the boundaries of European music will present individual listenings of sound recordings from the composer’s work and paintings by Zuzana Novotná Ištvanová. As part of the exhibition vernissage the Miloslav Ištvan Quartet will perform and a book about his life and work will be presented.  more

The Prague band Tata Bojs will release their tenth CD, which will be christened in the Sono Centre.  more

The fourth year of the festival is very colourful this year; it will feature bands such as Buffalo Bells, Black Burley, Grape and singer Harry Gump.  more

The new opera Trautzl by Jan Zástěra is the first production of the Divadlo 2-15 theatre. The story takes place in the period when Giacomo Casanova lived in Duchov castle, where he met the priest Jakub Jan Trautzl.  more

The christening of the third album of the band Helemese from Kyjov will take place in the Alterna club. The singer Nikola Mucha and Circus Problem will perform as part of the concert.  more

The Prague ska band will give a concert as part of their 25 Years Tour at the club Fléda in Brno.  more

The band Machu Pichu, Mirek Imrich and the band Tango will perform at the anniversary of the underground band.  more

The Open House project is another event related to the 50th anniversary of the Janáček Theatre building opening. For two days, the theatre will be opened to visitors even outside the regular production and it will offer the tour of the stage, rehearsal rooms, backstage or the technical facilities of the building.  more

Today’s festival of Romani culture will feature Kale, Gejza Horváth and band, the dance group Merci as well as others.  more

Alex Szilasi, soprano vocalist Yvette Mondok and Wrocławska Orkiestra Barokowa in concert together at the Besední dům. Part of the programme is also one of Chopin's piano concerts performed on the period golden piano Pleyel.  more

The comical opera of Bohuslav Martinů directed by Vendelína Osvaldová was staged by students of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts.  more

Andrea Konstankiewicz and Dorota Barová have played in the duo for fifteen years. Now they are releasing the selection of their best compositions so far.  more

The Brno City Theatre (MdB) is advertising for the posts of the main and minor characters in the rock opera the Gospel for Mary staging.  more

Shakespeare, Beethoven and the tradition of Czech quartets: These are the main topics of already the 21st year of the festival that has just revealed its residing ensemble, which is the world-known Pavel Haas Quartet.  more

Tribute will be paid to Zuzana Navarová by her longtime colleague and friend –the Colombian guitarist and songwriter Iván Gutiérrez, along with the singer Kateřina Reichová and her band.  more

The album Jako živý was released by the band Folk Team on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. Along with them, a new CD called Koncert will be launched by AG Flek.

A discussion with the Czech composer, conductor and flautist Petr Kotik will take place at the premises of the Institute of Musicology in Brno today. He is the founder of the S.E.M Ensemble and the Ostravská Banda ensemble and artistic director of the Ostrava Festival of New Music - Ostrava Days.  more

The Brno Philharmonic Orchestra announces that it is currently hiring for the position of the Manager and Head of Marketing. Start date available from September 2016.  more

This year, the 17th annual festival brings five concerts and two cinema concerts showings in the large Šilberk Castle courtyard. Orff's cantata Carmina Burana, Antonín Dvořák's Te Deum and Händel's Messiah will be played. The event will feature performances by Dagmar Pecková, Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers, Dan Bárta, the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic Choir.  more

Cultural subsidy programmes for the following year have been approved and the deadline for submitting applications is approaching.

Starting today, the St. James' Ossuary is also open to visitors at night. Throughout August, Friday nights will be dedicated to tours accompanied by the music of Miloš Štědroň that he composed specifically for these spaces.  more

The international festival of the White Carpathians bears the subtitle "...culture from another world". This year's 24th annual festival hosts artists such as the Norwegian band Jaga Jazzist, American songwriter Shilpa Rey, Květy, Musica Folklorica, Please the Trees, and many others, on three stages.  more

The world-renowned pianist will come back to Brno. He will perform pieces of Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin and Claude Debussy in the Kaskáda Golf Resort.  more

The 2nd annual festival will revive the link between the individual neighbourhoods of Brno - the Svitava River waterfront. The programme includes concerts, theatrical performances, a bike ride, and guided tours of historic buildings near the river and workshops.  more

The 2nd annual festival, which discovers new promising artists, gives space to professional musicians from the independent music scene and to all those who are not afraid to improvise, will take place in Capuchin Square in Brno.  more

The festival, featuring folk ensembles from around the world, will also include the South Moravian harvest festival. Freedom Square, the Old City Hall courtyard and cafés will come alive with folklore and theatre.  more

Reno Divorce headed by Brent Loveday is returning to Europe after seven years. The punk concert will take place tomorrow at Špilberk Castle.  more

The last of the SOUNDS OF KASKÁDA concert series will be a beatbox-vocal improvisation by En.Dru and Magdalena Sirschová, accompanied by pianist Jan Steinsdörfer.  more

The Brno band Metronome Blues will release their first album in Kabinet múz (Cabinet of Muses). The bands Lazer Viking and My Dead Cat will also perform during the concert.  more

The program of the Echoes festival of electronic music in the autumn will explore the boundaries between the analogue, digital and audiovisual world. Janus Rasmussen from Kiasmos DJ, Danger and Crookers will perform.  more

The multicultural festival presents traditional folk culture of various minorities living in Brno. The programme promises concerts, a costume parade, lectures and a tasting of national dishes.  more

The Culture Department of the City of Brno invites the public to nominate candidates for expert members of committees for evaluation of applications for grants in the field of culture for nine announced grant programmes.  more

The Brno Philharmonic Orchestra announces auditions for the 1st oboe player and the 1st trumpet player.  more

The season of live broadcasts from the New York Metropolitan Opera starts in October. It will open with Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner. In Brno, you can watch the broadcasts in the Reduta Theatre and in the University Scala Cinema. This season will also offer productions such as Don Giovanni, starring Adam Plachetka, Nabucco, Rusalka and Eugene Onegin.  more

This musical evening will honour 400 years since the death of the English playwright William Shakespeare. The programme will include a tribute to his plays, which the Brno City Theatre performed earlier, three symphonic suites from Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet and sonnets set to music by Zdenek Merta.  more

The Ensemble Opera Diversa are opening their new season. Their first concert includes a performance of the New Miniatures by Bohuslav Martinů as arranged by Jiří Teml and three songs by Jan Novák.  more

The underground festival will take place this year over three days at Brno’s Mersey club.  more

 The festival gives VUT students an opportunity to perform before an audience and show off their musical activities. The 9th annual festival also promises concerts by Rock String, Aeronaut, Bombs from Heaven and the Fast Food Orchestra.  more

A memorandum on financing of the Hall for Brno - Janáček Cultural Centre has just been signed in Brno. The City of Brno, the South Moravian Region and the state will invest in the project.  more

The subtitle of this year's festival is Bach across the Region. Therefore, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries will wander through eight regions of the Czech Republic. A total of 21 concerts of organ and chamber music in the environment of churches and châteaux will take place during the festival.  more

On Friday, the Antonín Dvořák Award was officially awarded at the Ministry of Culture. The nearly 85-year-old opera singer Richard Novák, who is still active in Janáček's opera, accepted the prestigious award from the hands of Minister Daniel Herman.  more

The first year of the neighbourhood festival Lerchova - open to all will highlight the possibility of establishing the Lerchova Social and Cultural Centre in the Masaryk Quarter. The Facka Theatre, Luisovi sirotci or the Burningboy will perform during the programme. Activities for children will also get their space.

Violinist and singer Jitka Šuranská recorded a new album, accompanied by mandolinist Martin Krajíček and double bass player Marian Friedl. The launch will take place in the Brno club Stará Pekárna.  more

The first annual nationwide event to promote children's art schools ZUŠ OPEN will be held in public spaces across the country on 30 May 2017. All art schools may participate in the event. The event is a major project of the Magdalena Kožená Endowment Fund, the main mission of which is to promote art education in the Czech Republic.  more

The new series of chamber concerts in the unusual environment of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium will offer performances of the legendary actress and mezzo-soprano Soňa Červená and pianist Karel Košárek. In addition, there will be concerts by Irena Herajnová, pianists David Mareček and Ivo Kahánek, harpsichordist and organist Barbara Marie Willi and the musical formation Epoque Quartet.  more

At the turn of October and November, EOC will performed at the Penitentiary Chapel at Cejl, MEZ Židenice or the Labyrinth underneath the Vegetable Market. Compositions of Dmitri Shostakovich, Ondřej Kyas and others will be played.  more

Brno International Music Festival – 2016 Exposition of New Music starts the 29th annual event. The topic is Space for Listening. The programme will feature works by composers such as Ben Patterson, M.E.V., Richard Teitelbaum, Alvin Curran, Georges Aperghis, Ivo Medek, Christian Lauba, Pasquale Corrado, Giacinto Scelsi, Simon Steen-Andersen, Pavel Zlámal and more.  more

The jazz singer and performer will release her new album A tak si jdu in the Šelepka Club in Brno.  more

The Brno City Theatre presents the premiere of the Lemonade Joe Musical directed by Petr Gazdík. Lukáš Janota and Ivana Odehnalová will perform in the lead roles.  more

Today's launch of the album will take place in the Brno Observatory and Planetarium. Musical production will be accompanied by visualisation with an outer space theme.  more

The Dělňák Culture House will be full of folklore. The seminar programme offers lessons of girls', boys' and pair dances and a workshop on regional garb maintenance.

Choreographer and director Petr Zuska, artistic director of the Prague National Theatre Ballet, will present the original ballet to music by Henryk Górecki and Jiří Pavlica in Brno. Zuska's libretto is inspired by a poem of Vladimír Holan and the contemporary image of the 21st century.  more

Burningboy, an artist from Brno, is releasing his 4th album which also features two singers and Panačik who produced the album and added a B side of remixes. The launch will take place in the Distillery.  more

The fifth year of the SMArt gospel project will include a concert of the mixed Brno Gospel Choir under the direction of conductor Zuzana Petlanová. The charity event will benefit the treatment of children with a rare hereditary disease.  more

The programme of the Festival of Argentine Culture offers concerts, dance classes, traditional milongas, literature, and gastronomy. The bands performing will be Tango Quartetto Re Campo and Trinidad Arfó.  more

The Janáček Opera will celebrate 90 years since the world premiere of The Makropulos Case with a return of the production by David Radok and chief conductor Marko Ivanović. There will only be two performances starring Annalena Persson.  more

The three-member Brno band Biorchestr of Jana Pilgrová, Aleš Pilgr and Tomáš Jenček will play in Brno for the last time. Tonight, they will play songs from the seven years of their existence in Café Práh. The She Owl Duo will perform with them.  more

As part of the 2016 Vlčí Srdce Tour, Jelen will perform with their guests singer Kateřina Marie Tichá and poet David Stypka with Bandjeez.  more

The Brno hard rock band Awake will launch their first album in the Melodka Club. Ňuňu will perform as a guest.  more

The National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences has announced its nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards in the United States. The native of Brno, Magdalena Kožená, has been nominated in the Best Classical Vocal Album category.  more

The Ensemble Opera Diversa will perform compositions by Samuel Barber, Paul Hindemith and Jan Novák along with the premiere of Madrigals by Ondřej Kyas. Lucie Kašpárková, Roman Hoza and Miloslav Ištvan Quartett will perform in the programme for two singers and a string quartet.  more

After three years, the Slovak band Billy Barman released a new album. The originally indie rock band now prefers electronics in its production. The opening band will be Himalayan Dalai Lama.  more

The Festival of Percussion Instruments - International Percussion Biennale enters its 4th year. Specialised workshops will be taught by Paul Rennick, Mark Ford and Ed Soph. The event is organised by the Faculty of Music of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.  more

The B-SIDE BAND from Brno is preparing for an anniversary concert with guests such as Vojtěch Dyk, Tereza Černochová, Matěj Ruppert, Roman Dragoun and others.  more

The concert of Gustav Řezníček will commemorate the traditional Christmas concerts of Jiří Bulis in Kabinet múz.  more

We celebrate our 4th birthday and as a thank you to our readers, we announce a big birthday competition. Don’t miss the opportunity to win tickets to Magdalena Kožená and flamenco dancer Antonio El Pipa in concert.  more

Folk songs, carols and pastorals will be performed by the folk ensemble Brněnský Valášek. The proceeds from the concert will be contributed to the purchase of a new organ for the Church of the Holy Trinity.  more

Thirteen of Brno’s music schools have applied to the nationwide happening of music schools in public spaces, ZUŠ Open, which will take place on Tuesday May 30: V. Kaprálové, PhDr. Z. Mrkose, P. Křížkovského, Orchidea Clasic, J. Kvapila, F. Jílka, Charbulova, Veveří, Smetanova, Slunná, A. Doležala, Universum and the ZUŠ specialised in church music.  more

As part of a double concert in Brno’s Melodka club the alternative rock group Souperman and the rock group Abraxas will be performing.  more

Brno’s Fléda club will resound to 70s punk. The concert of Britain’s The Vibrators will be opened by the Slovak power pop group Princovia, and the evening will be wound up by DJ Wrong.  more

The Czech-Slovak alternative evenings at Fléda are back. As part of this the Slovak group Longital are performing a live version of their new album Divoko. The Slovak trio will present the indie-folk group Bratři Orffové.  more

Construction Site Open Day

24 January 2017, 3:00

The construction site for Brno’s concert hall is once more open to visitors. Those participating will find prepared information on archaeological finds, support from important figures and inspiration from abroad.  more

The 16th year of the JazzFestBrno festival presents the complete programme of this traditional spring jazz show. Along with the concerts of Chick Corea, Richard Bon and Steve Gadd there will also be for example performances the funk master drummer Poogie Bell and the Beninese guitarist Lionel Loueke.  more

The ceremonial concert by Ivo Bartoš will take place under the glass ceiling of the university’s auditorium.  more

A concert organised for an exceptional event took place on Thursday at ZUŠ PhDr. Zbyňka Mrkose (a primary school specialising in music) in Brno’s Židenice district. The event was given the title Cimbálový kolaudační concert (A Cimbalom Commissioning Concert. What exactly was being commissioned? From the title it was evident the main star of the programme was a cimbalom. This big instrument with its velvet tones was not the centre of attention by accident. The item being commissioned was a new cimbalom for the musical inventory of the previously mentioned music school. The manufacturer of the instrument was the Brno company of Všianský. The actual maker Pavel Všianský, a famous musician, also personally took part, telling the participants something about the construction of this instrument.  more

The latest opera production of the National Theatre in Brno is Don Carlos by the composer Giuseppe Verdi and the poet Friedrich Schiller. This work, directed by the director of this institution, Martin Glaser, had its premiere on Saturday 2 February 2019 in the Janáček Theatre. The stage set was designed by Pavel Borák and the costumes by Markéta Sládečková-Oslzlá. Lighting was the responsibility of Martin Špetlík. The performance was conducted by Jaroslav Kyzlink, who also produced the performance with the choir and orchestra of the Janáček Opera of the National Theatre in Brno. The main roles were filled by Luciano Mastro as Don Carlos and Federico Sacchi as King Philip II, Carlos’ father; Jiří Brückler is the friend of the title character and the confidant of the king, Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa. Linda Ballová took the part of the young queen and madly infatuated Elisabeth of Valois; the figure of the vengeful Princess Eboli, who secretly loves the king’s son was played by Veronika Hajnová-Fialová. The intimidating inquisitor was played by Ondrej Mráz. Also appearing were Andrea Široká, Martina Mádlová, Zdeněk Nečas and David Szendiuch.  more

The Brno singer and artist Dáša Ubrová has sung with a group, performs with a big-band and is close to chanson, jazz and rock. Her album, named simply after her, is important to her and not only because it is her solo debut. It is the first time she has written all the lyrics herself. The music is mainly created by her “court co-workers” and album producers, the pianist Vojtěch Svatoš and the guitarist Pavel Šmíd.  more

Yesterday in Besední dům classical music lovers had their very first chance to hear the new chief conductor of the Brno Philharmonic Dennis Russell Davies also in the role of piano soloist. Under Davies’ baton there was a performance of the Symphony in D major, Op. 23 by the Vamberk native Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek and the premiere of the orchestral arrangement of the chamber work by Antonín Dvořák Bagatelles, Op. 47 created by the chief conductor himself. Davies took his place at the piano to play the Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The chief conductor will also be performing as soloist in two upcoming recitals, playing for example works by Steve Reich, John Adams and Philip Glass.  more

We can often hear the works of contemporary composers connected to Brno in the performances of local ensembles. But it is not usual for them to reach a wider audience, and in that fashion, a relatively inconspicuous recital dedicated to the works of Brno composers took place yesterday at the Brothers of Charity Convent. A much greater level of attention should be raised by the interpreter Milan Paľa. He had, in his own words “decided to do something for Moravian music” and create in the coming years several CD’s mapping the repertoire for violin or viola by composers connected to Moravia. The Cantus Moraviae project already has its first double CD, which was christened at yesterday’s concert.  more