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The Concentus Moraviae 2017 international music festival of 19 towns and cities is on the theme “La Voce”. The festival concerns the theme of the human voice and singing in all its forms from chant through folk music to baroque opera and jazz. Claudio Monteverdi, whose 450th anniversary is being commemorated around the world this year, also dedicated his work to the human voice. The festival will give him special attention. The programme creator this year is Václav Luks, founder of the baroque orchestra Collegium 1704 and the vocal ensemble Collegium Vocale 1704. As part of today’s inaugural concert Cantar Lontano and the festival’s resident artist Marco Mencoboni will be performing.  more

The Brno groove-noise trio Metronome Blues has issued the new single Virtual Door as a taste of the forthcoming album Vicious Circles.  more

The musical actor and singer Dušan Vitázek is embarking on a solo career. He is looking for support on the Hithit portal for the recording of a CD and his first video.  more

After a seven-year break the cult group Lvmen are returning to the concert stage with their new album Mitgefangen – Mitgehangen. Their support group for the concert are the sludge-metal group Nikander and there will also be a film screening.  more

The second season of the Meeting Brno 2017 festival is connected with the celebration of the Czech-German Spring. The festival will ceremonially open with the launching of the Meeting Brno Point installation on Moravské náměstí Square and a concert by the Brno Philharmonic.      more

This third year of the festival will offer concerts of Czech and international interpreters, films and two screenings accompanied by live music.  more

This Friday at the building site of the Janáček Cultural Centre a memorial box will be placed with writings recording the period of the building of the concert hall.  more

The end of the season is approaching and the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra has only two subscription programmes to present. The first of these will be Views of the Past by the former child prodigy Polina Osetinskaya, and after that the Season Soloist with British classics, in which this year’s season soloist, Matthew Barley, will perform.  more

Melodies interwoven with the poetry of Jewish poets from the interwar a war periods in the spaces of Interiér NEST. The works of the Brno native Pavel Haas, Viktor Ullman, Hans Krása and Gideon Klein will be heard. Part of the musical-commemorative programme will be the world premiere of the composition Mea Culpa by Jiří Miroslav Procházka. The programme is loosely based on the idea of the Year of Reconciliation from 2015.  more

The professional folk ensemble Ondráš is looking for new members for its dance group and the orchestra of folk instruments.  more

The unique event ZUŠ Open will present on Tuesday May 30 up to a thousand musical, dance, theatre and artistic performances in 280 Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian towns and cities. Brno also will have an exceptionally rich programme tomorrow, culminating in a joint vocal performance of children with Magdalena Kožená on Moravian Square and a celebratory concert of the Mozart’s Children Festival in Besední dům together with the Brno Philharmonic. The Brno event is part of Brno’s candidacy for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of music. more

Rossini’s penultimate opera Le comte Ory was in its time seen as highly immoral slapstick. In the new Brno production, performed in the historic building of the Mahen Theatre, it is actually a hilarious farce. Lenka Flory stands behind its directorial and artistic form, providing not only the needed humour and momentum, but also thanks to its basis in the world of contemporary dance also unusual movement.  more

This year the Beseda u Bigbítu (BuB) festival celebrates its quarter century and to mark this milestone it has added a little warm-up in the shape of an evening concert in Kabinet Múz called Beseda night. It gives a foretaste of this year’s Tasov and the evening will be introduced by the Šumperk-Brno group Acute Dose. Last year’s wind brought in the group Please The Trees and the composer and DJ Václav Čásenský aka Atrey.  more

Leaving aside the upcoming September bonus of the concert by Diana Krall, none other than Chick Corea with his stellar trio concluded Jazzfest this year. Together with Brian Blade and Eddie Gomez they brought this year’s event to a luxurious close.  more

Thursday’s successful  concert of the Brno Philharmonic in Besední dům was sure to please virtually everyone, listeners of different ages and tastes. And the enthusiasm was felt in the hall, even though the piano was sometimes played with the entire width of the forearm.  more

The Brno singer and author Jana Jun Šrámková claims that the name of their new album Ve vlasech (In Hair) has nothing to do with her profession of hairdressing. And it is true that more than scissors or curling tongs in this case hair is linked to the wind, which is penetrating and was already blowing on Jana’s previous album Nahá (Naked). However in the lyrics of the new disc it is water rather than wind that is the important constant. In individual songs rapids, paddles, boats and the ocean appear. But that is not the most important information. Although words are important in Jana’s compositions, the new album continues in the line established by the previous discs Intimně (2010) and Nahá (2014). Above the story is feelings, drawing with syllables, misty scenery, sketched with voices and coloured in by other instruments.  more

The retro comedy musical Viki kráčí za štěstím (which might be translated as Viki Seeks Her Fortune), premiered in the Brno Municipal Theatre, in many ways represents a journey back in time. He audience returns to the work of Milan Uhde and Miloš Štědroň, which has now been supplemented by the work of the composer Karel Cón. On the surface it is an excursion into a true story which took place at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, or the era of the swinging music of the sweet sixties. The same creative team led by director Juraj Nvota that was introduced five years ago on the same stage with the romantic musical Divá Bara now parades in front of the audience again.  more

The Jazzfest festival is coming to an end and after refreshment from the Czech and European scene came the genuine, almost classic American blues. The seventy-two-year-old giant Steve Gadd came to Brno with the guitarist Michael Landau, bass guitarist Jimmy Johnson, trumpeter Walt Fowler and on the piano and Fender Rhodes was Kevin Hayes.  more

We spoke with the trumpeter, arranger and bandmaster of the Brno big band B-Side Band on the occasion of the 10th birthday of this remarkable orchestra. Among other things the B-Side Band celebrated this anniversary with three concerts in Brno’s Sono Centre.  more

The parade of European and world saxophonists at this year's Jazzfest Brno festival stylishly concluded with virtuoso technique and inventiveness linking the various branches of jazz - the respected Austrian sideman and soloist Harald Harry Sokal with his Groove trio and the New York legend Chris Potter, who led his Quartet on the stage of the Sono Centre with his latest project - the album The Dreamer Is The Dream.  more

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Kamenka open

24/06/17, 11:00

Concentus Moraviae: Musica Florea

24/06/17, 19:30 / Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Cyril and Methodius

Concentus Moraviae: Ingenium Ensemble

24/06/17, 19:30 / Church of St. Wenceslas / Tišnov

Escape-Ism ( USA, ex- Make Up) / LAZER Viking / JAKUB Šimanský

24/06/17, 20:00 / Kabinet múz (The Cabinet of Muses)

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J. A. Hasse: Arminio - baroque opera

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Concentus Moraviae: Sollazzo Ensemble

25/06/17, 19:30 / Rájec - Jestřebí, chateau

20 years of Placebo

26/06/17, 19:00 / Brno Exhibition Centre

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