Mateys & their St Patrick's Day

18/03/22, 19:00

On the scale between a bunch of street dogs and an all-star supercape, we are Mateys.

And it seems that this year we will actually celebrate St. Patrika as it should be - with friends old and new, (mostly) Irish music and beer. And at the right time of year.

Mateys is a group of several musical individuals who, among other things, can create a feeling of the atmosphere of an old Irish galleon on the stage, where beer is poured into the chambers of martial arts and gently salted oars are bitten on it. They play special versions of songs from bands like Flogging Molly or Gaelic Storm, but the repertoire also includes some classic Irish songs (or their versions from the aforementioned GS or Irish Rovers).

Jan Kohoutek (violin)
Jana Holubová (singing, tambourine)
Marián 'Majkee' Kmeco (bass)
Matej Hrušovský (vocals, guitar / cajón)
Matej Zeliska (vocals, guitar / cajón)
Pepa Novotný (accordion / mandolin)