A new video of the band Květy – My děti ze stanice Bullerbyn, a song from the album Bílé včely. Author of the video: Pavla Kačírkovámore

Musica Folklorica and Veronika Malatincová. Video to the song Ej, ženy, ženy, poradteže mi from the band's most recent album of the same name. Released by Indies Scope.  more

Video of the band Listolet to the song Starý dům. Released by Indies Scope.  more

Video Doktor from the album Operace „Kindigo!“ (2011) of the band Midi Lidi. Released by X Production and Bumbum Satori  more

Before giving a concert in Wannieck Gallery, Filharmonie Brno (Brno Philharmonic) popped into the Vaňkovka Gallery shopping mall. Instead of shopping, the orchestra, under the baton of chief conductor Aleksandar Marković, played the symphonic poem Vltava, supported also by the violin soloist at the evening concert Pavel Šporclmore

Video from the current album of the band Fru Fru called  Freak Show. Released by Indies Scope.  more

Video from the new album Eldorado of the band Ty syčáci. Guests Jennifer Helia and Jana Šteflíčková, animation Michal Maruška.   more

Is Israeli punk band Shoshana at least as good as their predecessor Carusella? Those of you who did not come to see the concert at Fléda on May 12 may try and make up their minds here. The video was made last December and filmed in Le galion, Lorient, France.  more

On Sunday, the club Kabinet múz hosted R. Stevie Moore, the guru of recording, publishing and all the "do it yourself" scene. This small example of his work from 1984 is really small – he has released over 400 albums.  more

The club Fléda hosted Dubioza Kolektiv last week.  Watch their MTV Live session.   more

Among the greatest attractions of the festival JazzFestBrno is certainly Omar Hakim, Rachel Z and their current Trio of Oz. Watch their coverversion of the song Lost by Coldplay.  more

The song Señor – Tales of Yankee Power was first released on Dylan's album Street Legal in 1978. Robert Křesťan produced an excellent translation and recorded it with his band Druhá tráva on the album Dylanovky (2007).  more

Zdeněk Král may not have a high profile, but his work seems ever-present in the musical and theatrical life of Brno. Watch the video to the song Balada pro Bardotku, written for Mariana Chmelařová, known as Minachmore

The author of this video to the song Lesní duch from the most recent album of the band Květy titled Bílé včely is Jan Fuksa (the video is a cut of the film Earth Dies Screaming).  more

No Words, No Thoughts – Swans' video as a memory of the last week at Fléda.  more

Chick Corea, Miroslav Vitouš and Roy Haynes for those who could not come to Bobycentrum on March 10 for the amazing concert of Corea's current band The Vigil.  more

Hana and Petr Ulrych: Nechoď do kláštera

A recording from 1969. It is worth noting that the Ulrychs, a brother and sister, have kept their high quality to this day. They play their intelligent mainstream with little mainstream media attention.

Ještě jsme se nedohodli - Koni & Žulánci

This is something completely different from the Ulrychs, but also a real classic of the Brno, and even Czech, alternative. Check out the sounding board and also Karel David, author of lyrics for Iva Bittová and for the musical Hvězdy na vrbě, on the bass guitar.