February | Josefina Dusk

24/03/22, 20:00


Guitar songwriting with math rock rhythms, ambient elements, whipped with a bit of krautrock.

Last year, the Ostrava-Prague February released their second album Hyphen War, the title of which is linked to a real event in Czechoslovak history. The multiple symbolism of this phrase and the real hyphen war became the inspiration for the lyrics and music of most of the songs on the record. The motifs of disintegration and violence contain several songs, and the band thus moves away from the dreamy debut of Branching Tracks and caters to more complex themes in music and lyrics. The novelty was published on the Red Horse label.

February came together in 2015. They first came to the memory of the Czech alternative scene a year later, when they celebrated success on Radio Wave with the single Hide Me Under Autumn Leaves and participated in the Czeching and 1Band2Play competitions.

Vlad Uskov (vocals, guitar, percussion, etc.)
Tomáš Klézl (vocals, guitar, synths, etc.)
Tomáš Zahrada (bass guitar)
Adam Olšák (drums)



Josefina Dusk likes to sing and dance. Her baroque synth pop influenced by sci-fi fetish meditates on the beauty and horror of existence.

Singer Josefína Dušková began performing in London, her repertoire so far includes one EP Virtues of the Necessary, and her successful participation in the Starter program helped her to the attention of listeners in the Czech Republic. Last year, she performed live at several domestic festival and club concerts and returned to Alterna after its Brno premiere in August 2021. She is accompanied by DJ Jay North.