Tryo | Ginkgo Lanugo

04/04/24, 20:00


The trio from Brno with roots in Blano develops a dark and raw combination of shoegaze and post-rock aesthetics with noise psychedelia, which the band presented on the record Iodine Clock Reaction (2023) released by the Brno label Kabinet Records, which also released the debut LP Sustainable Gardening.

The band is currently preparing another record, on which they aim further beyond the boundaries of conventionality. The new creation thus relies much more on organicity, spontaneity and free improvisation.

Šimon Podrazil – guitar. Singing
Lucie Čejková – bass guitar, vocals
Hynek Čejka - drums


Ginkgo Lanugo

The project was founded together in 2019 by DJ and producer Štěpán Perk and vocalist Nikola Pavelková. After the first attempts at techno with live vocals, they also started creating more listenable types of electronic music. Their first ambient singles were released on the French label Camembert rec. and the Canadian Paracelsian rec. Together, they are preparing a resident night called Response at Prague's Club Cross. The name Ginkgo Lanugo symbolizes the two musicians as opposites united as one. The male element of the ginkgo is the oldest tree on the planet from which all other trees have evolved, and the lanugo is the finest fluff on the body of the developing fetus as a symbol of femininity.

Ginkgo Lanugo never limit themselves to predetermined goals or styles in their work, but let everything flow and be guided by a kind of inner voice, because then they can relax and let emotions flow out without restrictions and boxes. And that's exactly how the Do Snů EP was created over time.

During the last two years, the sound of the Ginkgo Lanugo project has been forming and flowing between ambient, techno, trip-hop, dub and breakbeat styles. They have had several singles and placed third in the Big Seven chart on Radio 1. They also perform regularly at festivals and clubs.

Štěpán Perk works solo in ambient music - for example for the Comic Con festival or for the Blue Lizard publishing house (Meditation Blue, 2023; Štěpán Perk meet Blue Lizard, 2023). This May, he is also releasing the soundtrack for the computer game Shrot.

Now, two years after the first official release, Ginkgo Lanugo comes with the first conceptual EP containing surreal texts, ambient surfaces or broken beats of different speeds and colors. The EP is inspired by dream fragments. Abstractly treats the theme of dreaming, with random and well-thought-out rhymes. The whole EP can be seen as a reflection of the sleep cycle, where the first songs are more soporific until the last Let's Break, which could be perceived as a wake-up call. In all the texts, they return to the dreamlike abstract landscape and their inner desires and fears.

They created accompanying video clips for the Do Snů EP. The album is about dreams and waking, that's why they chose the multi-exposure technique, where different shots overlap each other like fragments of dreams and memories. The footage used is from their home workshop, from freely available footage and from audiovisual artist Kryštof Pešek. There is also a longer video, containing all the tracks, so that the atmosphere can be absorbed without a break.

Štěpán Perk – electronics, lyrics
Nikola Pavelková – vocals, lyrics