Puding Pani Elvisovej + Pondělníci

04/05/24, 20:00

Puding Pani Elvisova (PPE) is a Slovak electro-indie-pop band consisting of Slivka (vocals), Miloš (drums), Pino (keyboards, guitar) and Viliam (bass guitar).
The group was formed in 1995 in Košice and has 5 albums Automati (2004), Play/Pause/Eject (2007) π (2010), Tektonicka Platňa (2015) and the zero album Mohérpop (2021). he is returning from a creative break with new material in the form of the so far released singles Trhací calánder, Space Taxi and Svetová, and is preparing another single and a new album for 2024.
In the years 2010-2012, PPE won the Best Concert Band of the Year award three times in a row at the Radio_Head Awards, and in 2011, with the song Astoria, they also won the Single of the Year award. The band has played many concerts here and abroad and is a regular guest of the biggest Slovak festivals such as Pohoda, Grape and Žákovic Open, but also performed at Colors of Ostrava, Rock for People, Sziget, EuropaVox, and TransMusicales Rennes.

The worst band in the world. The band, known for its regular appearances on Lágr TV and Miloš Zeman's birthday.
Lovers of two-liter Braník, singers of patriotic songs and SPD voters. JUST HONEST CZECH MUSIC WHICH CARES FOR THE HEART