DoShaska! - Magadan – UGFC - Säkkikangas + VJ JV

18/03/22, 19:00

DoShaska! - Magadan - UGFC - Säkkikangas + VJ JV
industrial - occultism - surrealism - sonic massage - experiment
18.3. 2022
Bajkazyl Brno
DoShaska! - hexendub musick / occvlt industrial ritual
A sonic guide to "reality after reality." The world of dreams, magic, surrealism, obscure occultism. Since 1989!
https: // ...
Magadan - powerelectronics
Sound sophisticated powerelectronics, chilling and suffocating like happy tomorrows
UGFC - totalitarian industrial noise - Eastern bloc
avant-garde fusion of drone and marching noise-industrial. Rolling and cutting charge of totalitarian propaganda, turmoil, state of siege
Säkkikangas + VJ JV - experimental noise
Martin Režný plays in even more secret bands and creates music for radio and theater. His live performances are a blow to the current mood, combining electronics and voice, field recordings and rhythms, noise and silence. This time even with adequate visualization presented by JV (Jiří Volejník)