31/05/19, 18:00

a musical comedy for the whole family

Josh Baskin is twelve. Whenever he meets Cynthia, he stops breathing and cannot say a word. It is a new experience for him - he doesn´t know how to handle such feelings. Childhood is coming to an end, and puberty has started. He would like to approach Cynthia, particularly as he learns that the girl is also interested. But as he always ends up behaving in a hopeless manner when he finds himself in her company, he makes a wish “to be big” when using a mysterious fortune teller machine in an amusement park. The very next day he wakes up in the body of a thirty-year-old man, triggering a crazy series of events in which a grown-up man with a soul of a child tries to survive in the complex world of adults. His scared mother doesn´t recognize him, of course, and throws him out of the house. Luckily, a friend from his childhood, Billy, stays with him and does his best to help him return to his original body.

A musical adaptation of the famous film featuring Tom Hanks in the main role had its premiere on Broadway in 1996. It was nominated for five Tony Awards and had almost two hundred repeat performances. This playful musical comedy with its fantasy elements, energetic contemporary music and occasionally crazy plot provides breathtaking entertainment for the whole family. The Czech premiere is directed by Petr Gazdík at the Music Theatre.