10/03/22, 18:00

This new musical was written based on the popular British film The Full Monty. The work grows out of an authentic, unadorned British reality and is so sympathetically typical of the British nature that even from the saddest human situations: social crisis - unemployment - loss of self-confidence - can make a perfect joke! The musical, like the film, tells the story of a group of unhappy steelworking friends who lose their jobs at the same time. Their attempt to find a new job is unsuccessful, so out of sheer desperation they form a dance stripper group. What about the fact that physically and age-old the notion of professional strippers does not completely correspond… The work is equipped with music with a great rock-funk arrangement and after conquering New York Broadway a few years ago, we can look forward to them in our theater.

Note: Tobacco products are used in the performance.

Of course, there is no smoking in the public areas of the Brno City Theater. In the case of the use of tobacco products on stage within the prescribed acting action, it is a work of art that enjoys the protection of inviolability in the sense of copyright law. A cigarette is thus considered a prop. The use of cigarettes, even electronic ones, in already performed performances is considered an artistic effect, which cannot yet be replaced. It is not about smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products, but about the artistic representation of this activity.