Snow White and Me

02/04/22, 14:00

fairytale musical for the whole family, world premiere

Daisy is on the verge of adolescence. She loves fairy tales, their intelligibility, the given order, happy endings. He believes that it can work similarly in real life. However, he encounters an uncertainty… When he looks in the mirror, he does not know who he actually sees. Who's the girl in the mirror? Can Daisy help the old butcher answer these questions? Meanwhile, big things are happening in the fairytale world. The queen, Snow Maiden's stepmother, has had all the happy endings. She wants fairy tales to follow her perverted ideas. With the help of the evil Wolf and the terrifying Rampelník, he torments the whole fairy-tale realm and slowly gains control over it. Fortunately, there is an inconspicuous Prince Florian, who cares about both the fate of the whole fairy-tale world and the life of his childhood friend, Snow White. Florian sets out to seek help into the human realm, and in the end he succeeds. However, before everything happens "happily", Florian and Daisy and her friend Sara face a tangled journey full of tension, misunderstandings and comic situations. Exactly as it should be in the right show for the whole family.

This is a new original title of Anglo-Saxon creators. The trio of authors Pippa Cleary, Philip LaZebnik and Ronald Kruschak have been working on it continuously since 2017, and then introduced it in 2018 as a stage reading in London. And it was from here, through the German production company Gallissas, with which our theater regularly collaborates, that it was agreed that the musical would be the first in the world to be seen by the audience on the Music Stage in Brno. Pippa Cleary, a young music author, lives and works in London, singing and writing musicals for young audiences in collaboration with Jake Brunger. This talented and talented composer is mentored by none other than Claude-Michel Schönberg, the author of the Immortal Poverty. Even his patronage foreshadows that the musical component of this title will be a real experience. American screenwriter and producer Philip LaZebnik is the most experienced author. He is signed to animated film hits such as Pocahontas (1995), The Legend of Mulan (1998) and The Prince of Egypt (1998). The German author Ronald Kruschak, who also has film projects for young audiences, is similarly professionally focused.

We present this new fairy-tale musical about the courage to know oneself and the need to believe in a happy ending with a truly magical scene by Christoph Weyers, beautiful costumes by Andrey Kučerová and in a sound-painting translation by Zuzana Čtveráčková. Director Stanislav Slovák brought the unusual magical world to life on stage, which will captivate, entertain and perhaps even impress the audience across generations.