My Fair Lady

01/12/23, 18:00


The famous American musical was created according to the well-known G. B. Shaw’s drama Pygmalion and was given for the first time on Brodway in the year 1956 (a year earlier than the famous Bernstein’s musical West Side Story which has been in the repertory at the City Theatre Brno for several years). It tells a well-known story of a flower seller Eliza Doolittle getting through a transformation into a self-confident young lady …

The fact that Eliza and her father, a dustman Alfred Doolittle, speak an English dialect “cockney” inspired the author of adaptation and director Stanislav Moša to carry the play over to Brno and to use the local Brno dialect, so-called ”hantec”. Like that, a new My Fair Lady was born with an attribute “from Vegetable Market” as the figure of Eliza was shifted from the original London market Covent Garden to the Brno Vegetable Market. Thus, not only the language innovation but also a shift to the local relations is in question. Thanks to the witty adaptation and an excellent cast of title roles (with several female holders of the Thalia Prize), the production accompanied with a live eight-member orchestra conducted by Karel Cón promises a spectacular experience.