23/11/23, 19:00

Davies – Bruckner – Skrowaczewski
Dennis Russell Davies was the head of Bruckner's orchestra in Linz for a full fifteen years before his Brno chief conductor engagement. Thanks to frequent performances of Bruckner's works there, he deeply penetrated not only into the music of this native of Ansfelden (today's suburb of Linz), but also into its interpretive specifics and pitfalls. He thus belongs to the renowned Bruckner conductors, and each of his performances of a Bruckner composition provides a powerful experience. In Brno, he already conducted the First, Fourth and Fifth symphonies, now we can look forward to the Sixth. The Polish-American conductor and composer Stanisław Skrowaczewski, with whom Davies had a long-standing friendship, was a similarly renowned Brucknerian interpreter, and whose 100th birthday, which falls on October 3, 2023, will be commemorated with the performance of his composition Passacaglia immaginaria.

STANISŁAW SKROWACZEWSKI Passacaglia immaginaria
ANTON BRUCKNER Symphony No. 6 in A major WAB 106

Brno Philharmonic
conductor Dennis Russell Davies