Advent gospels in Brno 2022

22/12/22, 18:30

The traditional guest of pre-Christmas concerts, Stella Jones and her ensemble, is returning to the Czech Republic!

The award-winning gospel group The Christmas Gospel Singers has enchanted audiences around the world with their singing performances. The ensemble brings together a range of talents with unique vocal abilities, which combined with traditional gospel elements, guarantees a breathtaking spectacle and an intense performance experience with a message to spread joy and share the love of gospel music.

The leader of the ensemble is Stella Jones, a singer whose genre focus, in addition to gospel, extends to jazz, pop, funk and soul styles. Stella was born in Berlin and was surrounded by music and art as such from an early age. At the age of five, she received her first keyboard from her father, the American jazz trumpeter Carmel Jones, and has been intensively engaged in music ever since. Already at the age of nine, she composed her own songs and started creating audio books with her own paintings and comics. She also created her own puppets. After moving to Vienna, she started performing in local jazz clubs.

In 1984, she began recording and performing in musicals. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is certainly among the most famous. Eight years later, she topped the Austrian charts with Powerpack. She then represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. After this experience, she established cooperation with well-known artists, such as Maceo Parker, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Gloria Gaynor and Chaka Khan. In the summer of 2016, she performed as part of the MTV Unplugged series.