Barbara Maria Willi presents ... XIX. vintage cycle of early music concerts: Monologos

06/10/22, 19:30

Come and listen to top chamber concerts of early music, which is presented by the playwright prof. Barbara Maria Willi, Ph.D - innovative and valued performer, renowned musicologist and professor of HF JAMU.

Program for 2022:

February 7
Tomáš Šelc / baritone
Barbara Maria Willi / hammer piano
Non-Christmas fish with Schubert

Jakub Jan Ryba did not just write the famous Christmas Mass. As an avid patriot, he composed songs for Czech lyrics, which was very bold in his time. His Twelve Czech Songs (Zwölf böhmische Lieder) will be heard in the Brno premiere in the context of Franz Schubert's songs with similar themes: lack of faith, children's joy and pleasure and the suffering of partnership…
J. J. Ryba, F. Schubert


March 9
Menelaos Dimitris Kountouras / recorder & traverso
Barbara Maria Willi / harpsichord

A Greek flute virtuoso trained at the famous academies in Utrecht, Milan, Vienna, Trossingen and Athens, who will be provided with the perfect basso continuo by the patroness and playwright of our cycle, will offer listeners a baroque trip to France and England with special motifs. Is there anyone who wouldn't join?
G. de Machaut, G. F. Händel, J.-M. Hotteterre


April 7
Elspeth Robertson, Lydia Gosnell, Miriam Nerval, Caoimhe de Paor / flutes
Music = math + magic

The British flute ensemble brings its brand new program to Brno, in which they introduce us to the magic of music. In a historical context, magic meant a belief in the harmony between numbers and real-world phenomena. Johannes Kepler at the Prague court of Rudolf II. proved that the orbits of the planets have the same proportions as the musical intervals. Music, movement and math are in unity and in the brand new Planets Suite, commissioned by the charming flutists from the Palisander ensemble; it will also feature the largest bass recorder currently on the market. You will also hear a special arrangement of the music of the violin virtuoso Tartini, who, like many other Baroque composers, believed that practicing the violin technique could overcome the limits of the body - but is it possible without the help of the devil? Admiration and wonder - these will be the predicates of this exceptional concert!
G. Tartini, J. S. Bach, H. von Bingen


October 6
Pavel Černý / organ positive
Organ at home?

We automatically connect the organ to the environment of the temple. However, Pavel Černý is an expert in music literature that originated in Central Europe and England for domestic chamber organs. People loved the flute and other organ registers so much that they wanted to hear their sound at home, moreover, without a calender, ie a person who (mostly by pedaling) blows air from the bellows into the whistles. Pavel will show us the wide repertoire possibilities of this portable magical instrument.
A. Poglietti, J. J. Froberger, S. S. Wesley


October 10
Barbara Maria Willi / harpsichord
Bohuslava Jelínková-Cavusoglu / soprano
Anežka Levová / historical flutes
Piotr Wacławik / viola da gamba
New horizons

Today, the young generation of early music specialists can benefit from the pioneering research of their predecessors, have a global approach to resources, and are gaining confidence in their art that their direction of interpretation is already generally accepted. In addition, this concert program will connect the world of opera singing and the world of historical interpretation personified by young talents who are not only top performers, but are also active in the research sphere. Piotr Wacławik will present unknown compositions of gambo literature, Anežka Levová will replace the recorders and traverse, and Marcela Jelínková will grind her into the lesser-known titles of historical music with the charming color of her voice. Science and art shake hands at this concert…
Vodička, H. G. Jaeschke, J. J. Rösler


December 14
Inés Alonso / soprano
Samuel Tapia / countertenor
Jorge Losana / tenor and artistic director
Valentín Miralles / bass
Renaissance "fake news" for today's pleasure

The Spanish vocal quartet is, in a word, charming. And their program is just as charming. During the pandemic, the ensemble decided to look for parallels between historical situations and the current state of society. We will learn in a funny way what the fake news of the Spanish Renaissance was and how we can deal with the same phenomenon today. In addition, the singers enjoy their charm in a slightly scenic rendition of selected musical stories. Perfect tuning to the Advent atmosphere full of pleasant expectations!