Barbara Maria Willi introduces XX. 2023 cycle of early music concerts

21/03/23, 19:00

Thursday, February 23
Kateřina Kněžíková / soprano
Barbara Maria Willi / hammer piano
Golden voice

Finally! We saw Kateřina Kněžíková and Barbara Marie Willi in a joint program full of passion, tenderness, melancholy and good prospects. The musical year of our cycle begins with a visit to the prodigy Mozart and his sensitive and dramatic songwriting. A comparison of the Viennese great Franz Schubert (who had Moravian ancestors) with his colleague Jan Hugo Václav Voříšek, whose manuscript songs are also stored in the collection of the Moravian Regional Museum, will be revealing. The romantic songs of this time are a mirror of inner processes; Both Schubert and Voříšek put all the subliminal psychological connections of the texts to music into the symbolism of the singing and the harmonies of the piano accompaniment. An exciting journey into the soul awaits us...
Program: W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert, J H. V. Voříšek

Tuesday, March 21
Mayumi Sargent, Panagiotis Charlampidis / violin, Eura Fortuny / viola, Antigoni Sefefli / cello
The joy of melancholy

The members of this fantastic string quartet come from Mallorca, Menorca and Greece. While studying at the Royal Conservatoire in Amsterdam, they came together with the goal of interpreting 19th and 20th century music in a historically informed way. The quartet's programs are novel and the level of interpretation, in a word, captivating. Historical interpretation practice moves to new shores and offers melancholic, dramatic and joyful moments.
Program: F. Bridge, E. Grieg


Wednesday, April 26
Philippe Bernold / flute
Barbara Maria Willi / harpsichord
Twilight of feelings

The Frenchman Philippe Bernold is currently one of the most recognized flute virtuosos. The professor of the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur gained world fame for his incredibly colorful tone. His sound and aesthetic world is extremely expressive and often surprising, which is one of the reasons why he and the harpsichordist and innovator of musical life Barbara Maria Willi are so noted. The two musical adventurers will embark on a journey of emotions of the German and French Enlightenment. The program also includes the only Czech sonata with obligatory harpsichord and flute by J. A. Bendy, which is preserved in the music archive of the Moravian State Museum.
Programme: J.B. De Boismortier, C.Ph. E. Bach, J. J. Quantz, J. A. Benda


Monday, October 9
Jiří Havrlant / d. lead, harpsichord
Markéta Klaudová, Lucie Karafiátová, Pavla Radostová / soprano
Ah! Mio Cor...

The ensemble, with an unusual cast of three sopranos under the artistic direction of a virtuoso harpsichordist, is a combination of the four elements and offers many repertoire options. The ancient Three Graces through the eyes of one of the few female composers, Barbara Strozzi, or Handel's and Vivaldi's opera scenes will take us into a dramatic and lyrical world, where the desired situation of endless pleasure sometimes occurs. Three spirited young women and their continuity guru Jiří Havrlant will reveal how we get there.
Program: B. Strozzi, C. Monteverdi, G. F. Handel, A. Vivaldi, J.-Ph. Rameau, L. Vinci


Wednesday, November 15
Petra Matějová / hammer piano
Magdalena Malá / classical violin
Helena Matyášová / classical cello
Viennese dreams

Vienna and its surroundings were the Mecca of music at the end of the 18th century. It was in the works for the piano trio that the composers displayed stylistic refinement, intimacy and at the same time drama. The Prague Trio Unitas, led by Petra Matějová, a researcher and doctor at the Sorbonne University and JAMU in Brno, shows with its virtuosity and youthful energy that classical music is still new and that many wonderful repertoires are still waiting to be discovered. The trio, whose name speaks of unity, offers a revelatory program demonstrating the connection between composers moving in the cultural area, of which Brno is and was a part. If we listen to these works right here, we will restore unity - unitas - between place and creation.
Program: J. Haydn, L. Koželuh, L. van Beethoven


Friday, December 15
David Mirzoev / violin
František Novotný / violin
Fedor Rudin / violin
Nikita Ruzhavinskiy / cello
Barbara Maria Willi / harpsichord
Violin, violin, violin...

Fedor Rudin, a globally respected violinist, will meet important professors of the Janáček Academy on our stage. Three violins and basso continuo allow for many program variations, including Pachelbel's magnificent canon. The pearl for this cast is Telemann's concerto, in which the composer uses the warm tone of the three soprano instruments in a very intelligent and graceful way in contrast with the bass color of the cello and the sealing sound of the harpsichord. Three virtuosos meet on stage and enter into a dialogue with the continuo group.
Program: G. Ph. Telemann, G. Fr. Handel, J. Pachelbel, A. Stradella, J. S. Bach