29/06/24, 20:00

A unique show, one of a kind!
Just a few days and 96 years. It saw the light of day at the first gala evening of the Oscars at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. We are honored to present the premiere of the Oscar Cabaret Show at the Cabaret des Péchés and to honor this amazing event in a venue that has no competition.

An evening, in the style of the most prestigious film award with a shining star above all guests. There will be singing, dancing, acrobatics, all supported by catchy moderation. Come and experience film legends live, without images from a film strip.

Do you want to know which movie inspired the creation of Cabaret des Péchés? Why not relax with the most beautiful kitsch of the time, the legend of all dolls - Barbie or remember the hits of music giants such as Abba or Queen? Would you like to shed a tear at the Titanic? Sci-fi lovers could enjoy the extraordinary acrobatic performance of Avatar or move to a virtual world for a while with The Matrix. Great drinks will put you in the mood of a classic cabaret, where everything may not be as it seems at first glance.


Dress code: BLACK TIE

Get ready for an extraordinary evening and help decide the award of the Cabaret Oscar for the best tribute to a movie number!