Lada Šimíčková & band, Kolenem - acapella R&B quintet, Hovaduo

03/11/22, 19:00

Lada Šimíčková (lyrics, vocals) and Ivo Cicvárek (music, piano, guitar) have been creating together since 2007, when they started performing as a singer-songwriter duo. Their songs are based on Lada's unusual poetic texts and civil singing expression. The genre in which they operate combines elements of chanson and contemporary song acoustic music. After many years as a singer, he now enjoys performing primarily in a band line-up expanded by drums (Jiří Bařina) and double bass (Přemek Březovič) and occasionally also saxophone (Jan Vašina j.h.). The groups Hovaduo and Kolenem - an acapella R&B quintet - will perform as guests.